Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas is the best!

We had an awesome Christmas this year. It is SO much more fun when you have your own little one who can get excited and kind of know whats going on. Ok so she doesn't really know what its all about...but she loved opening the presents!!  I was a slacker at taking pictures this year...they are all kinda lame. But I did find quite a few to post so bear with me!  I will have to try harder next year! 

Our holidays started with Christmas Eve-Eve we had a Heggie hay ride! it was so much fun! i am sure that it will be a tradition from now on...but hopefully next year we have have a warmer night! it was FREEZING!! 

This is probably the only picture of the three of us from the whole holiday!!  Everyone had lots of fun and the donuts and hot chocolate were deelish!!

Everyone on the hayride, freezing their bums off! Chloe had an ear infection so we rode in the truck, but we still had fun seeing all the Christmas lights. Chloe was all oohs and aaaahs for the lights!!

Then on Christmas eve we enjoyed some treats from lynsey and Lincoln. before heading out to raymond!

We started out at Regan's family for supper,  It was so yummy!! then ran over to my parents house to give them their presents and open a few from them cause we weren't going to see them Christmas day. 

I had tina's name this year, she really loved her chair and the 5 other ones and table that came with it!! Ha Ha I saw this antique dining room set and with my mom's help (it exceeded the limit just a tad) I was able to get it for her!! All she needs is her own house and she is set!! :)

Chloe was so excited about her cradle that grandma got her, and of course the cute bedding didn't hurt!! 

She was even MORE excited about the dora explosion that auntie tina gave her! Van was even more excited, it was pretty funny! 

We headed back to Holt's and opened some christmas Jammies.

Chloe and Lex were so cute in their matching jammers!! And Cam was of course too! I didn't get a picture of mine but they were adorable maternity ones that had a matching sleeper for the baby! awwwww :)   
After playing a little bit of santa and chloe going right to sleep after a long day, we finally got to go to bed! ha I was really tired! 

Christmas morning was really fun! I got a cute video of chloe seeing all of the presents. but they just take so darn long to upload that i probably won't get around to it!!  chloe opened her fruit snacks in her stocking first...she didn't want to open anything after that for a while! we Kind of had to make her open her stocking, then have some breakfast. After she wasn't starving she was a present opening machine! she tired to open every present in sight it was pretty funny!

Here she is modelling her tutu that santa brought and my new toque that regan gave me!

And those are the only pictures of christmas morning! ha ha I know i suck!
but i did take a couple when we went out sledding! My brother in law Keith brought his quad and we borrowed my parents quads and pulled the kids in the field...they had a blast!! 

Chloe loved her sled and even fell asleep while i was pulling her around! 
Everyone having a blast! Even Suz learned how to drive! 

Chloe was VERY interested in Tylers iphone...the first time she has gotten this close to him!! and almost all the grandkids with Nana,  Cam was a little preoccupied with his Buzz Lightyear to mingle! 

Boxing day we headed down to Whitefish, and with the help of our new dvd player for the car, Chloe was a dream! ha ha  Thanks mom! 

Me and Chlo hung out in the Lodge while everyone skied,  it was fun, she made a little friend and they ran around all day together! 

We went to HuHot for my birthday dinner, it is just like Mongoli grill, but all you can eat! It was yummy! I love stir fry! I got spoiled on my birthday Regan surprised me with a SERGER!! i was seriously surprised and he thought of it all on his own!! I was impressed! Can't wait to get it out and finish all my projects! 

chloe passed out after a long day of shopping!

My brother and his family came a few days after we did and met us at the Ski Haus. CHloe was SO excited to see them!  Van and chloe are on one of those little mountains in the shoe section, they probably went up and down it 5 thousand times!  And she LOVES boston....High Five Bos!!

Van and chloe watching Nemo. I don't know where it started but Chloe is OBSESSED with nemo. she brings it to me pretty much every day and screams at me to put it in. I am a bad mom and let her most days!! 

there wasn't much snow when we got to Whitefish but after a few days it finally dumped on us and we got our winter wonderland!! I love it there when we are knee deep in snow and it is hardly even cold so you can actually go play in it!! 

Going on a walk while everyone is skiing! 

Playing in the snow! 

Chloe got his bouncy turtle thing from regan's parents. I thought she would be scared of it (she is kind of a chicken) but she loves it! you bounce on it and it sings and teaches colors and whatnot. kind of annoying...but it keeps her entertained!! 
Pam and derick gave us this chair that hooks onto the table. It is awesome! chloe is coloring with me at the table while i am blogging! 

She wanted to be the baby today and climbed into her cradle! ha ha We might have  to put the new baby in there seeing as we have NO room for it!! 

Well phew that was a LONG post!  and TWO in one day!! Regan is curling so i am super bored!! 

 We had a great Christmas and hope everyone did too!! I am excited for the new year and for all the new things it will bring, especially a new baby! its gonna be a crazy adventure i am sure!! bring it on! 


kelsey said...

i am dying over the picture of chloe's one little eye poking out of her snow gear. so freaking cute.

a SERGER? that's it, i'm coming over. what a brat, spoiling you like that. . . sheesh.
happy birthday. . . late.

Darcy & Lianna Jensen said...

loooved the pics. chloe is soo freaking cute. soo excited for you guys too!! ;)

Suz said...

I laughed at your 'Cam is busy with Buzz Lightyear' comment. He was so funny! I am glad you got pics of the girls in their jammies too! Glad you had a great Christmas! What did you ever decide about the stockings?? Inquiring minds want to know....

Jennie Holt said...

oh sorry suz....i went with the initial on the stockings, i love them!

Charlotte said...

Wow, I can't believe you had enough time for all the playing this year. Sounds like fun. Glad to hear you had a good Christmas and a good Birthday too.