Monday, January 25, 2010

sweet 16

I haven't been doing very good at keeping my blog updated. but i am pretty bored this monday and since chloe turned 16 months last week i thought i would fill everyone in!  Because i am SURE everyone is having chloe withdrawals and wants to see her every day! ha ha well maybe her gramma's and aunties! 

To start off, in case anyone missed my facebook they are in all there adorable glory.  thats right


I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when these little beauties first made an appearance!!  She just looked THAT much cuter and like my little girl!! i love them, and now i think she looks sloppy when her "hair" is down.  i say hair lightly cause it can barely be called that. 

I was trying to Get some cute pics of chloe the other day she was just looking really darling...i should have turned off the cartoons first, she wouldn't look at me for nothing!!
I did get one smile....or a whine. hard to say.

Chloe having a little snack while watching some toons in the morning!  I can't ever get a picture without some sort of computer part in there. that laptop plug in is in probably HALF of my pictures!! 

I seriously can't believe how big she is getting, ok maybe not BIG but older and taller and SO smart!!  She got weighed the other day and was 23lbs.  she weighed 22 lbs when she turned one!  so she isn't really putting on the pounds, but is still in the 50th percentile so its all good! 

She is starting to try and talk more and more, i can't get enough of the jabber that comes out when she is trying SO hard to talk to someone! she is seriously intense!!  She does say mommy, daddy, baby, (points to my belly)  Hi-ee, and dora. (she has said gramma twice but not since then) I think it is great that she now understands pretty much everything we tell her, and she either chooses to listen...or not.  oh and she did say "hi T " to tina the other day...she loves tina!

We were in Calgary last week and she was going NUTS watching the merry go round, so i had regan take her on it, while i got to babysit the stroller...moms always miss the fun!!
She wasn't too sure at first, then after a couple of spins she was smiling. And a couple of spins after that...she was done. screaming bloody murder.  they stopped the rides so she could get off!! ha ha

More about Chloe at 16 months-

She is a fairly good eater. she eats when she is the rest of us! but is a pretty picky eater and only likes what she likes...she gets that from me!  I am having a hard time getting her to eat her veggies. I try to hide them in things but she knows, and always refuses to eat it. she does like vegetable soup so that helps, but i would appreciate any tips you guys have!! 

She loves to dance, i need to get her sweet moves on the camera!!( I am a slacker! ) she loves to read her books and has a crazy memory. There is this one alphabet book that just has pictures of things and she knows almost ALL of is huge. You pretty much just have to show her how to do something once and she has it down. I am hoping that this will be helpful when we start potty training!!  But of course she loves to play with her dollies the most and will pretty much play with them from when she gets up to when she goes to bed.  But besides her babies, nothing compares to the sheer joy of playing with her cousins!! It is ridiculous!! There is crazy giggling and screaming going on from the moment they see each other!! that goes for van and boston, AND Lexie and Cam. I am so excited for them to all grow up together, and i just hope they stay friends!

Chloe also had her first trip to the ER this past weekend. It wasn't very fun.  We were on our way to see Avatar for our date night (SO AMAZING!! everyone better go see it!!)  and Tina was here to babysit for us. unfortunately we didn't get to go, Tina accidentally picked Chloe up by her arm, which was followed by an hour of sobbing. So i wasn't sure how bad she was hurt but she wasn't moving her arm at all and kept looking at her arm and crying, even picked it up and let it fall a couple of times like it was dead. (that was kind of funny!)  But anyway after an hour of waiting the dr said she had pulled out her elbow, and it is really common. so he tried to set it a few times and we just had to wait to see if she could use the arm, and make sure it was back in.  We ended up having to take her back to the dr in the morning cause she was still not using it at all. and i think he popped it in finally cause about 5 minutes after leaving she was using it like normal and no pain or anything! HOORAY!!  Tina felt so bad that she said she would babysit ANYTIME!! ha ha so she cancelled her plans for the next night so we could have our date night! what a sweetheart! 

So a lesson for everyone....don't pick your kids up by their arms.  they say that for a reason!!

Chloe didn't hold it against her...they are still best buds!

This is just a random little video. i was cleaning the kitchen and looked over and couldn't see chloe...she had been playing with her cradle before that.  I walked over and she was just laying there...having a little rest! ha ha kids are too funny. 

Ok so the video is kinda lame. i had some other cute ones but i can't get them off of my camera. sorry. 


Kimberly Lynn said...

That exact same thing happened to Hailey when she was probably around that age. I wasn't even lifting her up - she was just on my lap and we were playing a game. And then all of the sudden she started crying really bad, wouldn't use her arm, etc. We had to go to the ER too. But Danen learned how to pop it back into place by the Dr., so we won't have to go back for that little problem with any of our kids! She is such a cutie by the way!

Nate, Marie & Lilly said...

I have the same problem with Lilly and veggies. It took forever but she will now eat broccoli and green beans and that's about it. I try to get her to taste new things but it doesn't happen very often. If you find any miracle that works to get them to eat veggies let me know. Chloe doesn't weight much less than Lilly. Lilly's a slow grower and she's never been in a bigger percentile than 15th for either weight or height. Chloe is growing up so fast though. So cute.