Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Homemade Christmas

As promised here are all the things that i made for Christmas. While i was making everything it seemed like i would never be finished,  but now that i am done and looking at the pictures it seems like i hardly made anything!  But i swear it was alot of work! ha ha

Chloe got this adorable cradle from her grandma dixie that we found at this antique store isn't it darling?? So i made some bedding for it out of a bunch of scraps that i had, I think it matches perfect and she LOVES it!!

Then i saw this adorable Car Caddy HERE, and decided my nephews needed one!  Originally I just made one for Cam, but it turned out so cute that i made one for Van too.

Cute eh? there is little pockets for the cars and then they can drive them on the road.

Then it folds up so you can take your cars everywhere with you. The tutorial I used had a ribbon tied around the whole thing, but little kids can't tie very easily so I just used a hair elastic and button!

I love all the crayon rolls out there, but i think its kind of silly to take your crayons without something to write on, cause who ever remembers to bring paper?? not me! so Lexie got this revised crayon roll with a pocket for a notebook. I hear that she took it to show and tell at her preschool....I am so glad that she likes it!! :)

Now i am sure that everyone who blogs/sews has seen these or made them already. I was So excited when i saw these adorable potato heads I had to whip a few up.  Chloe loves it, and i hope the other recipients love them just as much!  oh you can find the tutorial HERE

They turned out really cute i think! but they were sure alot of work, especially when you make 4!!  I did make one mistake. I put the soft velcro on the potato itself thinking that would make it nice and soft, but then all the little pieces got the scratchy side and they happen to stick to everything and each other! So i would definitely switch up the velcro if I make another one. But other than that i love how they turned out!

Just a picture of the pocket on the back to hold all the extras. I made it with a pleat so you can fit more if I ever want to make more pieces! 

And i wish i was this talented, but no i didn't make this one! My Mother in law made this doll for chloe. I can't believe the amount of work that was put into it!! I am sure chloe will always cherish the doll that her nana made!!


Teresa, Trav, and Austin said...

You are amazing!!! I really hope I have a girl one day so I can make (or get you to), make all the cute dolls and blankets! :)
also love love the car caddy! Ok, love everything!

PamH said...

Cutest crafts ever!!! I can't believe you made FOUR mr. potatoe heads....they look like a TON of work!! now channel your creative energy into scrapbooking! lol!

kelsey said...

so cute. i'm in the middle of my mr. potato head right now, and i made a pleated pocket too. i was scared, cause i just made it up, but i think it will be alright. for a first attempt! i was wondering about which velcro side to put where too. . . i can't remember what i did. great.

everything is darling. i love the doll from karen, it's so cute.

Charlotte said...

Jenny you are so talented. Everything is just so cute