Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Strawberry style.

Everyone know who these two cuties are?? well obviously the majority of people do not have little girls who watch Strawberry Shortcake ALL.THE.TIME. Well everyone knew who CHloe was but nobody recognized my cute little smashy kitty. 

For those of you wondering She is "Custard" Strawberry's cute little polka dot kitty! 

I was pretty excited about Ashley's Costume. After I decided to have Chloe be strawberry I wanted Ash to match, and my wonderful sister in law let me cut up Lexie's poodle costume from a few halloween's ago that looked a little something like this:
It wasn't exactly like this...but you get the picture. giant dog head. not too attractive. (no offense suz) 

But i love the way it turned out. And yes those polka dots were hand sewn on. nbd. 

And her little tail was just so adorable swingin around as she ran around. She totally learned how to say "tick er teet" tonight. aaaaand it was probably the cutest thing ever.  She kept looking in the mirror all surprised "KITTY!!" ha ha 

I was all set to have Chlo be a princess, easy peasy, pick one out of your dress up box! Then one day chloe was watching cartoons and turns to me and says " I LOOOOOVE Strawberry Shortcake!" ha ha so of course we had to get her one. Luckily my awesome sister in law has the best friends who had this adorable costume. Chloe has seriously LIVED in this costume since we got it last week. The girl who we borrowed it from was so happy Chloe liked it so much she sold it to us! yay! now we can be strawberry any time!! 

 Chloe seriously LOVED trick or treating this year. After every house she would say "I wanna do a diffrint one!" It was hilarious. We did two culdesacs over by my parents house with cam and lexie. and then hit a few family houses. I think she would have done alot more but we didn't start until after 7 so it was getting pretty late. and like half of the houses ran out of candy right before we got there! Wally world must be the trick or treating hot spot! We got in the car and she sighs "I just love halloween!"

She looked pretty hilarious with all that hair.  It Really made me wish she had long hair to play with. She hated it tho, I had to bribe her to wear it, but she was a trooper and wore it all night! And she loved her freckles she thought those were pretty darn cool!

Then we headed down to the Firehall for my dad's Birthday bash. They always have a party down there on halloween, too bad my parents had to be in Calgary this week :( But it was alot of fun, good burgers and Chloe got to drive the fire truck. I wish I would have video'd her face when papa turned on the lights! ha ha it was ridiculous! 

The cute trick or treaters Visiting Auntie Chelle at the hospital. 

And some other cute trick or treaters at gma Dixie's. We had to have halloween at my moms a day early cause they were gonna miss it. the boys looked so cute, but these were not their REAL costumes. you will have to go check out my other SIL's blog and see their other ones.....they were SO cute!! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yes I am behind. I am behind in soooo many things. I am behind in laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping (meaning we have milk and bread and nothing else) I am behind in blogging (As always) and i am waaaaay behind in keeping my promise of having my new line of bows finished soon. Gaaaaah I am sorry.

It has been one of the worst weeks ever. It all started last week when one of the little boys I babysit came to my house sick. It was fine, i knew this was bound to happen, kids get other kids sick, no biggie. But it has been a biggie. Chloe started last week and it has been over a week of the whiniest, loudest, most headache inducing non stop crying i have ever experienced....Times FOUR.  ok most of it was from Chloe but the other 3 kids did not help seeing as they were sick too. It was a loooooong week. So to say the least my bow making was put on hold...and now I am sick....and laying on the couch feeling guilty for not getting my butt over to my sewing machine. but you will all forgive me right?  great thanks you guys are the best!! I promise to do my best to get them done as soon as I will just be longer than i thought.

I will try and get caught up a little in one area, and blog some pics from the last day we got to spend at the lake!

 It was a GORGEOUS day full of fun and sun and lots of MUD!! 

 We dug some big holes in the mud with our feet and the kids had a blast playing in them!

And how sweet it is THIS?? I almost never put pictures in black and white but I really liked how sweet it made them look!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanks for that.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!! I know i DID. My favorite person came home to play, TINA!!! ...and we had a slumber party!! well sorta...we both fell asleep 5 minutes into our movie. but it was still fun.  
The girls were so excited to see Tina and Al, even ash didn't play shy.  Chloe woke up this morning asking for Tina to blow her a kiss. she wants to go to Tina's house "far far away" And maybe someday we will. 
We also go together one day and snapped a few family pictures at the riverbottom. 

 We had alot of fun. I am so THANKful for my wonderful photographer and the best brother in Law anyone could ask for :)

And I don't think I could ever ask for better parents. So Thankful I get to have these ones!! 
Isn't my mom stylish?? wish I could be as cute as her! 

I am Thankful every day that I get to have these little munchins in my life!

So Thankful That I get to be their mom. 
And that they have such a great dad who loves them more than anything!

Pretty Thankful for this guy too. Love him ;)

Ash was being super uncooperative by this point so we had to take what we could get. 

Aren't we just the cutest??  man why can't I be photogenic like those two?

littls Sass-afrass. 

We didn't get any of ash alone....but i got this cute one of her with moi. 

Sorry for All the sappy Thanksgiving comments. But I AM so thankful for everything in my life. I have  the best family and in laws and couldn't ask for anything! (except for Al to be done med school so Tina can be closer) I am thankful for great friends who are there for me when I need them, even when I am not the best friend in return. I am so thankful for the gospel all the ways it blesses my life. I am so thankful for my dishwasher and washing machine. (seriously they are the best) And Thank the heavens for Chocolate I would be lost without you. (but probably much skinnier)  And Thanks for reading my long boring Thanksgiving post. Even tho I am sure you just looked at the pictures! ;)

And I will leave you with my favorite one. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Yes i know you thought my bow "business" career was over. I know I haven't really been the best crafter and bow maker this year, I have had other things I have been making. (ahem felt playhouse) But I have now decided to pick up my socks and get making an enormous amount of bows/headbands that I am trying to have ready ASAP. 

I am really excited about my new "line" I am making with a bunch of new designs and fun headbands and whatnot. They are gonna be cute....real cute! and I even took a few to the store yesterday along with some cute orange/black bows for HALLOWEEN!!! So if you are in need make sure you go pick some up!! also There was some old stock that had been there for a while and I put it ALL on clearance!!  They are super cheap and wanting to get off the rack and come to YOUR house!!  

Of course I forgot to take any pictures of the new ones I dropped off, but I will try to get some soon....But here is a cute one of my girls in some of my favorite ruffle headbands! Stay tuned for pics and bows, and of course a great Giveaway!!!