Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yes I am behind. I am behind in soooo many things. I am behind in laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping (meaning we have milk and bread and nothing else) I am behind in blogging (As always) and i am waaaaay behind in keeping my promise of having my new line of bows finished soon. Gaaaaah I am sorry.

It has been one of the worst weeks ever. It all started last week when one of the little boys I babysit came to my house sick. It was fine, i knew this was bound to happen, kids get other kids sick, no biggie. But it has been a biggie. Chloe started last week and it has been over a week of the whiniest, loudest, most headache inducing non stop crying i have ever experienced....Times FOUR.  ok most of it was from Chloe but the other 3 kids did not help seeing as they were sick too. It was a loooooong week. So to say the least my bow making was put on hold...and now I am sick....and laying on the couch feeling guilty for not getting my butt over to my sewing machine. but you will all forgive me right?  great thanks you guys are the best!! I promise to do my best to get them done as soon as I will just be longer than i thought.

I will try and get caught up a little in one area, and blog some pics from the last day we got to spend at the lake!

 It was a GORGEOUS day full of fun and sun and lots of MUD!! 

 We dug some big holes in the mud with our feet and the kids had a blast playing in them!

And how sweet it is THIS?? I almost never put pictures in black and white but I really liked how sweet it made them look!


Jaron said...

Ugh, being sick is the worst! We were sick last week too! Cute kids you've got there!!

Jaron said...

This is Becky by the way. :-)

Tina Wilde said...

Oh that last picture is just lovely. I actually wish I cuild have been there to roll in the mud with the kids. Cause yup that looks like fun.