Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Strawberry style.

Everyone know who these two cuties are?? well obviously the majority of people do not have little girls who watch Strawberry Shortcake ALL.THE.TIME. Well everyone knew who CHloe was but nobody recognized my cute little smashy kitty. 

For those of you wondering She is "Custard" Strawberry's cute little polka dot kitty! 

I was pretty excited about Ashley's Costume. After I decided to have Chloe be strawberry I wanted Ash to match, and my wonderful sister in law let me cut up Lexie's poodle costume from a few halloween's ago that looked a little something like this:
It wasn't exactly like this...but you get the picture. giant dog head. not too attractive. (no offense suz) 

But i love the way it turned out. And yes those polka dots were hand sewn on. nbd. 

And her little tail was just so adorable swingin around as she ran around. She totally learned how to say "tick er teet" tonight. aaaaand it was probably the cutest thing ever.  She kept looking in the mirror all surprised "KITTY!!" ha ha 

I was all set to have Chlo be a princess, easy peasy, pick one out of your dress up box! Then one day chloe was watching cartoons and turns to me and says " I LOOOOOVE Strawberry Shortcake!" ha ha so of course we had to get her one. Luckily my awesome sister in law has the best friends who had this adorable costume. Chloe has seriously LIVED in this costume since we got it last week. The girl who we borrowed it from was so happy Chloe liked it so much she sold it to us! yay! now we can be strawberry any time!! 

 Chloe seriously LOVED trick or treating this year. After every house she would say "I wanna do a diffrint one!" It was hilarious. We did two culdesacs over by my parents house with cam and lexie. and then hit a few family houses. I think she would have done alot more but we didn't start until after 7 so it was getting pretty late. and like half of the houses ran out of candy right before we got there! Wally world must be the trick or treating hot spot! We got in the car and she sighs "I just love halloween!"

She looked pretty hilarious with all that hair.  It Really made me wish she had long hair to play with. She hated it tho, I had to bribe her to wear it, but she was a trooper and wore it all night! And she loved her freckles she thought those were pretty darn cool!

Then we headed down to the Firehall for my dad's Birthday bash. They always have a party down there on halloween, too bad my parents had to be in Calgary this week :( But it was alot of fun, good burgers and Chloe got to drive the fire truck. I wish I would have video'd her face when papa turned on the lights! ha ha it was ridiculous! 

The cute trick or treaters Visiting Auntie Chelle at the hospital. 

And some other cute trick or treaters at gma Dixie's. We had to have halloween at my moms a day early cause they were gonna miss it. the boys looked so cute, but these were not their REAL costumes. you will have to go check out my other SIL's blog and see their other ones.....they were SO cute!! 


PamH said...

Oh wow, you did a GREAT job changing that costume! Hoe-la! :) Nice work on getting the blog post up so fast, too!!

Sami-Jane said...

smash looks so cute and all this talk of strawberry shortcake is making me wanna eat some strawberry shortcake!

kelsey said...

Who doesn't know custard? As soon as I opened this post I said, "Oh Norah, come look! It's custard!" Lol. So cute, love both costumes. Norah was jealous. . . maybe next year she can be strawberry

Tina Wilde said...

Whew! Glad the lady let you buy it off her. That could have been bad news. Ash in that kitty outfit makes me happy.

Francis Family said...

I can't believe you remade that costume! Go you! Our girls definitely matched.
They are adorable!

LindsayB said...

alli just looked at these and said oh that little custard is so cute! somebody else does watch a lot of strawberry shortcake! they turned out so cute, nice work. you should have come to my culdusac, i had too much!