Saturday, September 25, 2010


Photoshop. to me is a scary word. I can do a few things on it, but have been too lazy to try and do anything worth while. My sister in Law has tried numerous times (unsuccessfully) to get me interested...sorry pam! Then yesterday we had Chloe's birthday party and the lighting was horrible and not even a quarter of my pictures turned out. :( This could probably have been avoided if I would learn how to use my very expensive camera instead of just using it on "auto". yaaaa again too lazy! So anyways i was trying to fix this really cute picture of chloe and her balloons, when regan came home and apparently knows a TON about photoshop....who knew?? Then we played around and after a few hours i figured it all out and uploaded PW's free actions and fixed up the photo from this:

To THIS!!:

Do you love it?? I sure do. and while it took most of my morning and all of the party paraphernalia may still be covering my entire house, I am SO excited!! I have never really cared how my pictures looked and now I am going to want to edit them ALL!!! which is probably a bad thing since i spend too much time on my laptop already! oh well at least I will have cute pictures!!

Here is the link to the free actions I downloaded so you can do this too!!

And just for Tina, a new background for your laptop! you're welcome! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Princess Land

So i am finished Chloe's Birthday present! phew!! just in the nick of time since her birthday is tomorrow. yup i am going to have a 2 year old. weird. but that is talk for another post!
So i picked up this baby for $1.95 at a thrift store in Montana. yes we thrift store shop everywhere we go. don't even worry about it.

You might be wondering why I am giving my two year old an old, beat up, puke green suitcase?? It's ok my husband was just as perplexed as you were!!

Well i had seen THIS post a while back and have wanted to make something similar but a little more girly....and I think I have achieved that goal!! I give you......PRINCESS LAND!! (i know the name is awesome right!? ha ha)

(you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Chloe has all these little princesses and fairies that needed a place to play that wouldn't take up my entire living room (which doesn't take much as its about the size of my island)

On the one side we have a beautiful waterfall, river, and lake....complete with a waterslide! and a cave for the fairies to live!

And on the other side we have a lovely meadow and castle with a corral for all the royal ponies!
The castle was donated by grandma dixie and actually goes to some polly pockets of Tina's. but it is pink and sparkly and it opens up so what could be bettet!?

It was really fun to make and it was actually pretty easy, Just a lot of drying time between layers. And then the best part is it just folds up with a snap and you can put it away!! Let's hope Chloe likes it as much as I do!!!

Happy Birthday to my little Princess!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

oh romeo.

A REAL Love story.... story of my life!!

Where is my romeo to save me right now???

Monday, September 13, 2010


I was just cleaning off my camera and found a bunch of pictures that were cute, but didn't make it onto a post so we have a smattering of photo's for you today. you're welcome tina!

Firstly Chloe got this balloon at wendy's one day and for some reason threw a fit the entire time we tried to eat. no matter where the balloon was, whether she was holding it, i was holding it, we tied it to the chair, it would float to the roof, we let ashley hold it (big mistake)...she cried. the WHOLE time. so we ended up leaving and she never touched her food. then we went to raymond and she fell asleep on the way home holding onto this balloon the entire way, when i went to get her out her fist was still clenched so hard around it! ha ha funny kid!

Chloe loves her aquadoodle. well its really MY aquadoodle, but i let her use it. mostly she likes to suck the water out of the pen, and giving ashley an aquadoodle manicure is fun too.

She gets a little serious when watching a good movie.

Oh how i LOVE this face!!

Not so much this one.

Chloe's first finger painting experience, it was a success. she was quiet for over an hour!!

I also LOVE this face!!

Over at Nana and Papa Holt's the other day enjoying some quality time with britty!

cute little lexie lou lou!

Nana and her cute kids!

Intense card game going on.

A week or so ago we were at Nana's and chlo was playing with her fabulous doll house. She had the "daddy" and "mommy" dolls and had sat them on the couch. Then she put the little laptop on the mommy's lap and was frantically searching for another one for the daddy doll....ha ha I guess we do that a little too much!!

Poor ash has baby acne, feel so bad for her. hopefully it goes away soon!

After nap snuggles/squish fest. ashley's face ha ha "help me mom!"

"beep beep"

Just having a good time on a gloomy september monday.

My favorite girls! Ashley is getting so much better at tummy time...alot less screaming!

I started my Learn to run club on saturday so we took the girls for a run last night. It was the first time we put them in the double stroller together. chloe only beat up on ashley a little bit, it was a good time!

My pretty little Ashley Beth.

Trying to roll over.....almost theeeeere.

WARNING!! cuteness overload. only watch video if you are ready for extreme amounts of cute.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We have a winner!

Friday, September 10, 2010

New bows and GIVEAWAY!!

So the moment you have al been waiting for!! right?? ok maybe you're not quite as excited as me...but maybe someone reads my blog and is excited (i will pretend anyway) As most of you know I have been making hair bows for a few years now and really enjoy it! I love to find new ideas and make all different kinds, mostly for babies and little girls. However these new ones are more versatile and I think all ages will love to wear these new beauties!! I know you are sick of me rambling on so you can just check them out and see for yourself!

I had some wonderful models to display them for me! I hope you like them!

The bows come on either an elastic band or a headband.

I still have alot of my old favorites, all sizes and colors of large flowers!

And alot of new ones, some with bold colors.

And alot of neutrals. This one is made of antique crocheted lace.

We have some frilly frou frou ones that i just LOVE!!

And lots of lovely lace.

Chloe and Sam showing off some cute swirly birds!

These triple swirls are probably my favorite!

but I also am loving the look of the singles!

I pretty much have the best models around!

The stretchy headbands are one size fits all, and they really do! The same ones that Ashley has on fit Chloe, Sam and Tina too!

So where can I get these gorgeous bows you ask??

They will be for sale at your local hardware store (If you happen to live in Raymond!)

I know the hardware store is a random place to sell hairbows, but I didn't have alot of options! ha ha so It works for me!....OH and i almost forgot to tell you that ALL of my old stock at the store is on SALE!!! yup for super cheap so make sure you run down and check it out!!

If you don't happen to live in Raymond and see something you like, or know of something you want, You can contact me directly and I can make something especially for you!!

My email is so please contact me with any questions/concerns or orders!

Now the part you are all excited very first GIVEAWAY!! I have decided to giveaway this vintage lace beauty that could be worn by anyone! It is for sure one of my favorites and I hope you will love it as much as I! I would love to hear your input and which ones catch your fancy!!

To enter the giveaway

1. leave a comment on this post telling me which one of the bows is your favorite. Be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you when you win!

2. Post on your blog or facebook, linking to my blog (just leave a seperate comment telling me you did so)

It's as simple as that!

The giveaway will close on Sunday night and the Winner will be announced Monday morning! Good Luck!