Monday, September 13, 2010


I was just cleaning off my camera and found a bunch of pictures that were cute, but didn't make it onto a post so we have a smattering of photo's for you today. you're welcome tina!

Firstly Chloe got this balloon at wendy's one day and for some reason threw a fit the entire time we tried to eat. no matter where the balloon was, whether she was holding it, i was holding it, we tied it to the chair, it would float to the roof, we let ashley hold it (big mistake)...she cried. the WHOLE time. so we ended up leaving and she never touched her food. then we went to raymond and she fell asleep on the way home holding onto this balloon the entire way, when i went to get her out her fist was still clenched so hard around it! ha ha funny kid!

Chloe loves her aquadoodle. well its really MY aquadoodle, but i let her use it. mostly she likes to suck the water out of the pen, and giving ashley an aquadoodle manicure is fun too.

She gets a little serious when watching a good movie.

Oh how i LOVE this face!!

Not so much this one.

Chloe's first finger painting experience, it was a success. she was quiet for over an hour!!

I also LOVE this face!!

Over at Nana and Papa Holt's the other day enjoying some quality time with britty!

cute little lexie lou lou!

Nana and her cute kids!

Intense card game going on.

A week or so ago we were at Nana's and chlo was playing with her fabulous doll house. She had the "daddy" and "mommy" dolls and had sat them on the couch. Then she put the little laptop on the mommy's lap and was frantically searching for another one for the daddy doll....ha ha I guess we do that a little too much!!

Poor ash has baby acne, feel so bad for her. hopefully it goes away soon!

After nap snuggles/squish fest. ashley's face ha ha "help me mom!"

"beep beep"

Just having a good time on a gloomy september monday.

My favorite girls! Ashley is getting so much better at tummy time...alot less screaming!

I started my Learn to run club on saturday so we took the girls for a run last night. It was the first time we put them in the double stroller together. chloe only beat up on ashley a little bit, it was a good time!

My pretty little Ashley Beth.

Trying to roll over.....almost theeeeere.

WARNING!! cuteness overload. only watch video if you are ready for extreme amounts of cute.


Tina Heggie said...

I made a goal today to stay away from blogs for an entire day so that I could actually get something accomplished.

I am quite pleased that I gave in and gave up so early in the day.

I just love your girls, okay? They are the cutest and those last pics of Ashley just melt my heart right away.

Anonymous said...

Caught your blog and your children are precious. Made my son and I smile from ear to ear. The daddy dolls you are talking about are they the one's that you put a picture in the pocket over the face?

Suz said...

super cute...that laugh made me smile! Someday we will work up to that! lol

Shelley said...

Cute girls!! And since I didn't win a fabulous jrae creation, I had to make a trip to the hardware store today! Summer is actually wearing it too - bonus.

Anonymous said...

I love Ashley's giggle/ cute!

Lisha said...

so cute! great idea for the finger painting in the bathtub!

Kira Earl said...

I just discovered your blog, and oh my goodness your girlies are so adorable!! I hope you doing well!

lynz said...

sisters are the best! your girls are so stinkin cute and i love how much they love each other :) cuteness overload is right!