Saturday, September 25, 2010


Photoshop. to me is a scary word. I can do a few things on it, but have been too lazy to try and do anything worth while. My sister in Law has tried numerous times (unsuccessfully) to get me interested...sorry pam! Then yesterday we had Chloe's birthday party and the lighting was horrible and not even a quarter of my pictures turned out. :( This could probably have been avoided if I would learn how to use my very expensive camera instead of just using it on "auto". yaaaa again too lazy! So anyways i was trying to fix this really cute picture of chloe and her balloons, when regan came home and apparently knows a TON about photoshop....who knew?? Then we played around and after a few hours i figured it all out and uploaded PW's free actions and fixed up the photo from this:

To THIS!!:

Do you love it?? I sure do. and while it took most of my morning and all of the party paraphernalia may still be covering my entire house, I am SO excited!! I have never really cared how my pictures looked and now I am going to want to edit them ALL!!! which is probably a bad thing since i spend too much time on my laptop already! oh well at least I will have cute pictures!!

Here is the link to the free actions I downloaded so you can do this too!!

And just for Tina, a new background for your laptop! you're welcome! :)


Tina Heggie said...

Hahaha Alan looks a little scary in that picture!! But I put it as my background anyways cause I looove it, thanks Jen!

You have to show me these tricks! And give me photoshop!

Francis Family said...

i'm so jealous you have photoshop, in a month I will have it, I swear. I've wanted it forever, for the same reason as you, my kids photos. and NO I will not be a professional just cuz I have a good camera and photoshop! haha. That one pic with the balloons is so cute though. Good job!

mandalee said...

I am too lazy to learn about my camera too. I also, just use So, your not alone!

Kimberly Lynn said...

I have been using PW's actions for about two years now - I've done searches for others but hers are my FAVORITES! Glad you're learning how to do it - be careful, it's addicting!