Friday, October 1, 2010

parks and recreation

WE have been enjoying this GORGEOUS weather this week, and hittin up the park. Henderson is my park of choice. i love that she doesn't have to crawl through rocks and dust and get filthy, and it is so great for kids her age.

She was so excited, and her doll was just as excited!

Can you believe she is 2? what a cutie! I am pretty much in love with her outfit as her purple shoes!

Ashley was having fun with grandma. we always have fun with grandma!

Auntie Tina is pretty much a blast as well. chloe can't go 5 minutes without loving ash.

Me and my cute 5 month old!! yup she is 5 months old today.

LOOOOOOOOVE me some smashley smiles!!


Sometimes they look alike a little bit!! Chloe is on the left and Ashley is on the right.

Chloe is a monkey and loves to sit, lay, or jump on ashley ALL the time. she also has been making these ridiculous faces lately...

Don't be alarmed it's not blood. Just paint! the face she is making in the first one cracks me up every time, i think she has been watching a little too much Miranda....

Here are a few videos i have taken lately. one is of Chloe and Ashley playing. Ashley LOVES chloe and every time one of them wakes up its a party of giggles and "hi baby" and i enjoy every minute! The other one is Ashley talking. she is so funny and talks with her lips curled under like an old man with his dentures out. but she does more screaming in this video than talking....still cute right?

This last one is us waiting at costco for grandma dixie....i love how excited she gets when she sees her! and skinamarink is her favorite song right now, too bad you didn't get to see the whole thing, its pretty cute!