Tuesday, October 19, 2010

two happy girls

SO i just loaded a ton of pictures of my camera and needed to post them so I have them saved. And I need to write down a bunch of stuff that i want to remember. so this is a long one!
Oh and don't worry we are doing MUCH better today after yesterday (see last post) We had a blast swimming and she woke up happy as a clam this morning! phew!
"TO-EE" as she calls herself, with her cheesy grin. She is getting so much better at talking and putting sentences together. She is really good at saying "PEEZ" (please) at least, but doesn't get the concept of thank you. I am pretty sure she has this whole vocabulary that she can (but refuses to) say. Like yesterday she said "Tina" twice. Like many people she refuses to try and say their names for some odd reason. She says Nana, Papa, Bos, and Baby (will not call her ashley). She will not call anyone else by name even tho i KNOW she can....she lets it slip on occasion.

Ashley is always playing with her toes, it is one of my favorite things babies do! she LOVES it when she can actually get a toe in her mouth she just laughs and laughs.
The time is going way too fast for this baby. I am pretty sure she is growing at least twice as fast as chloe did. I am sure its not my imagination.
Love it when she sucks on her thumb, don't tell regan but i secretly wish she would ALL the time. even tho i know its a hard habit to break and it can wreck their teeth yada yada blah blah......its cute.
And LOVE these darling little shoes i scored for a whopping $ .50 at some thrift store.

I started bathing the girls at the same time and they love it. I mean it is alot more stressful for me to make sure chloe is drowning her or splashing her to death. but it does save me some time and they have a blast! we have a little boat for the tub that has a little guy to drive it and she calls it "papa's boat" and "papa" (little man in a cowboy hat) and his boat have to come play every day!
Chloe is a little jealous sometimes of Ashley's cool toys. so she just climbs right in there and helps herself. ha ha its super cute to see them playing together! I can't wait until Ash is old enough where they can entertain each other and i don't have to keep a really close watch.
Chloe had her first pigtails the other day...not that you can really see them in these pics. I asked her to pose for me in the second picture and she just turned around. ha ha

Love my bright eyed baby! Chloe is really into saying everything is "mommy, daddy, and baby" in her books, on tv, or in public. any guy is "daddy" any girl is "mommy" and kids are "baby" you get the idea. its funny. oh and any older lady is "nana" which is sometimes very amuzing.

Your only cool if you eat your breakfast with your sunglasses on....in case you didn't know.
And check it out...she has MORNING HAIR!! yup it finally happened! she loves to get her hair done. when i am getting ready in the morning she freaks out yelling "titty!!" (pretty) and does so until I get her hair pulled back with a bow in it!

Chloe is obsessed with Regan's iphone. He put a couple of games on it that chloe could play and she asks to play it all. the. time. So at night before bed she gets to play "AH AH" for a few minutes. She calls it "ah ah" because thats the sound the monkey makes when she finishes putting the puzzle together.

Ashley has been so good lately. I mean she is always good, but lately she has been ESPECIALLY good! I have laid her down in Random places to play and then come back a few minutes later to find her conked out, snoozing away. I seriously could not have asked for a better baby.
I love that she sleeps for 8 hours at night, and has since she came home with us...it makes for a MUCH happier me!
I love that she is SUPER smiley and we can get the BEST and cutest smiles and giggles with little or no effort at all! She is really ticklish too, and i just love to tickle those chubby toes all day! We took the girls swimming last night and ashley just laughed and smiled the entire time it was so cute! too bad I forgot my camera....we will have to go again.
This was hilarious I was cooking supper and looked over and she was passed out. looks comfy eh? and yes the above picture and the bumbo ones are on the same day....must have played extra hard or something?
Chloe thinks it is hilarious when I go to get her out of her carseat to pretend that she is asleep. ha ha it is so funny. and it is EVERY time! i say "uh oh did you fall asleep" and with her eyes closed she smiles huge and say "DAS!!" (yes)

I am in LOVE with these pictures of chloe on her bike, they might even be frame worthy if I could find a spot in my tiny house.
Chloe LOVES this trike. It was borrowed from one of her favorite cousins, Cam. (Just don't tell him k? that might not go over too well!) Every time we come out of the house at ALL, we have to go for a ride on the trike. She can't quite get the pedals turning but she loves it anyways.
Don't you just love the tongue sticking out? I was ticked these came out blurry, but i still like them!
After taking this picture of Ashley (on the left) today i remembered i had this picture of Chloe (on the right obviously) and I melted! I just love LOVE this sweater! Made by a friend of my Aunt Carole, it is definitely one of my favorites. and i love LOVE 5 month old babies with their pudgy fingers and chubby cheeks and pink little noses. :)


Tina Heggie said...

Holy dyna, I can't believe how different these two look! And all these pictures are honsetly killing me I can't stop looking at them, I'm addicted to the Chlo/Ash combo!!!

Those pics of Chlo on the bike are soooooooo cute, and I really like those ones blurry too.

And it looks like Ash inherited something from her favorite aunt, she can sleep anywhere! Love it!

Regan said...

I'm a pretty lucky guy who loves his girls. Thanks Jen for all you do for us. Reeg

Suz said...

I have the cutest nieces eVeR!

Malea said...

Your girls are so cute!!! I love the tricycle pics.. I am waiting for Ali to grow a little so her feet can actually reach the pedals so she can ride one.

Ali loves my ipod touch too..sometimes it is the only way I can cook dinner without her throwing an absolute fit. She loves the peekaboo games so she always says "mom peek-boo?" to try and get to play. It is amazing how good they are at figuring out how to work them.

Becky said...

Oh, so so SO cute girls!!! I just read your post below - and I HEAR YA! I think every mom of youngins does! I've noticed "mean mom" coming out a lot lately near bedtime. I always feel guilty after they're asleep (when they look OH SO innocent and sweet!). I hope you're making time for yourself!! It was GREAT to get together with you for cheesecake!

Anonymous said...

Love ALL the pictures!!!

The Reids said...

Jennie, they are so precious. Chloe is getting so big!!