Monday, November 1, 2010

nummy halloween

Ashley is 6 months old today. I just love that little ball of chub. We started giving her rice cereal last week cause I thought it would be fun. she wasn't too sure about it tho...
There was a lot of this face going on. she LOVES it now tho, so don't worry. she makes "numm num mmMMmm" sounds while she eats, its so cute. It's like she can't get it in her mouth fast enough she dives for the spoon, mouth wide, gobbling it up as fast as she can!
Chloe likes it too. gross. she asks for a bite every time ashley has one.
Happy Halloween from my cute little girls! It was such a gorgeous weekend for Halloween, the first time kids haven't had to wear snow suits in a LONG time! my mom said she got like 500 kids!! CRAZY!
We had a good Halloween i guess. ha ha I am not a huge fan of halloween, but i guess the kids like it so thats why we have to do it!! We are so lame we even forgot to carve pumpkins! ha ha I spent the weekend working on this halloween countdown with some friends of mine. Ok this one ISN'T mine, cause mine didn't quite get finished...but this is what it WILL look like someday when it is done!

Chloe loved being a butterfly, thanks to her cousin Lexie for letting us borrow it! It is actually like a 12 month costume and was a little short, so I just put chloe's tutu on underneath and VOILA looks perfect! THe headband wouldn't stay on though, chloe was quite distraught about it.
Ashley was a cute little pig, i thought it would be cute to get a picture of her on her tummy....noooope! ha ha she HATES being on her stomach.
But I did get these cute pics of her in her cute little piggy hat.
Doesn't this smile make you melt?? ya me too.
The whole fam damly. Ya we are not those cool parents who dress up. like I said....not a fan.
But chloe had fun after she figured out she was getting candy at each house! It didn't help that the first house we went to the dad was dressed up as darth vader and chloe went BALLISTIC! She hated any halloween decorations that weren't pumpkins, and any kid with a mask on just freaked her out. But we did do a little trick or treating around my parent's culdesac and then to gramma heggie's and Nana's house. Then off to the fire hall to see Papa holt, where my dad showed up too and chloe was super excited to see "two papa's!" she kept saying over and over.

Oh and on a side note, we (as in me) started potty training Chloe last week. I was super nervous about it. I was So not looking forward to cleaning up pee and poop all week. But she told me 3 days in a row that she had to "poop" so i put her on and she went! so thus the potty training commenced. And SHE. DID. AWESOME!!! I laid out a bunch of towels on the carpet and the couch just in case and the first day she had 3 accidents....all on the towels, and 5 successes! the 2nd day she only had ONE accident! i was so excited! We spent ALOT of time in the bathroom on day 2 but it was worth it. and she hasn't had an accident since! (oh maybe she had one while she was at my moms i think) At least when she has had her panties on she always tells us. I have put her in a diaper to go out and all weekend cause we were busy busy and not home. but i put her in her panties this morning and she has gone no problem! i am relieved to say the least!! and jumping for joy!! regan said i couldn't post any pictures of her on the just imagine her cute face reading a book on a toilet. thats what she does!! and she is GREAT at it!! Hallelujah!


Kimberly Lynn said...

Cute costumes! I love Ashley's chubby little cheeks! They look so kissable! You are so lucky that potty-training was that easy for you! Great job Chloe!

karlielsa said...

Ashley is the cutest little piggy in the whole world! Where did you get that little hat? Lucky you with the potty training. That was a few stressful days in my life that's for sure. You have the cutest little family!

Tina Heggie said...

My cute little piggy wiggly!! Can't get enough of those pictures, seriously.

And Chloe is just so smart, just like her MOMMY. Yup, you are welcome for that lovely compliment. You deserve it for giving me the cutest girls ever to play with!