Thursday, November 4, 2010


Is everyone else loving this November?? It is supposed to 19 degrees today!! better set up the kiddie pool! ok not really, but for sure do something fun outside before the snow flies! We went to the park yesterday and here are just a few cute pics of the girls enjoying the swings!

I swear Ashley is getting Pudgier every day...don't you just want to squish those cheeks?

Both girls were having the time of their lives!


Tina Heggie said...

Ok this was not long enough, I need at last 15 more pictures of Chlo and Ash to hold me over.



My fav is the smiley one of Ash. Love that gummy smile. Oh and thanks for the invite to the park....NOT!

broberts said...'ve inspirsed me to take my kids to the park this morning! your girls are so cute and i can't believe that ashley is turning into a little lady. last time i looked at her she was still pretty new and now you can tell she's got a little personality!

Tina Heggie said...

Correction: cuteRRRRRR

karlielsa said...

All I can say is that you have some pretty cute little gals. Looks like they had a blast at the park. The weather has been amazing!

Francis Family said...

cute! I also enjoyed your halloween pics, they looked so cute.
Love the flowers on Ashley in the first pic and her hat! I'm assuming the flowers are yours, I must get some....soon!

kelsey said...

all-around cuteness. I love all the playing around with photoshop you are doing, it looks fun!

I love that first picture. So sweet.