Monday, November 29, 2010

Girls update.

It's been a while since I posted a million pictures of my girls and told you what they are up to...i think? ok maybe it wasn't THAT long ago. But I know Tina is dying to see them so enjoy!
We got some family pics with Regan's family a few weeks ago, here is Ash and her daddy having a snuggle, it was kinda chilly!
I couldn't get her to smile for NOTHING. No one will ever believe me that she is the smiliest happiest baby ever cause she refuses to smile for the camera! But I promise she never cries!
She is so good I never notice how tired she is until she is fast asleep!
Some post nap snuggles in Chloe's crib. she loves to have Ashley lay in her crib with her and show her the "AH AH" aka the music night light she has that has a monkey on it!

Just showing off her bling, she loves clip on earrings! or "titty's" (prettys) as she calls them.
She still thinks she is a baby and loves to climb in the baby swing....look how HUGE she is!!
Ash is eating solids! yup she loves them. so far she has had bananas, mandarin oranges and peas. loves them all!

She especially loves those arrowroot baby cookies, she just devours them like they are going out of style. I don't blame her really, they are pretty delish!
Ha ha chloe just doing the dishes. cutest bum i ever saw!!!
She is pretty much potty trained now and doing SO good! I have been putting a diaper on her when we go out still cause I am just not ready for the accidents. But every time she has made it to the bathroom and her diaper is always dry! She still has wet diapers in the morning and after her naps, but we will just deal with that later.

Princess chloe in her "belle" dress, in her favorite chair drinking a baby bottle. typical morning!

My big girl! her hair is finally growing! woohoo! she looks like she has one of those stylish short girl haircuts...maybe i should just tell people i cut her hair like that so she could be a high fashion model?
My SICK girls! we all had the flu/colds a couple weeks ago. this was just after waking up after a long sleepless night, they were so stuffed up. poor ash had a horrible cough!
I felt so bad for ashley she was SO stuffed up and coughing and her eyes watered constantly. she still has a cough, AND she had an ear infection. but she is pretty much better now and back to my happy happy girl!
Chloe loves to wrestle...I mean snuggle with her sister! Ashley is learning how to push chloe away, one of these days she will be able to pound right back on her.

She already has a temper and if chloe takes a toy away from her she burts into tears until she gets it back....isn't she too young for that??

Chloe in her cute ponytails. We do her hair every morning....Chlo INSISTS! And it looks adorable for about 15 minutes and then she is screaming at me to take them out.

This is how Ash puts herself to sleep, she is dead asleep snoring in this picture! I just have to lay her down and give her something soft and fuzzy. It's usually her fuzzy blanket, but apparently anything will work! she just sucks/chews on it making num numm sounds, and 5 minutes later she is out!!
I was cleaning the kitchen the other day and looked over and chlo had EVERY one of her dolls laid on the back of the couch putting them to "bed"

She was telling me to "sssshhhhh" and she was singing them to sleep! so cute.

she loves stuffed animals, chloe never did.

These moments are my favorite! I think she was saying "blue baby?!" Chloe thinks every color is blue, we are working on it!
These are not my favorite moments!! thank goodness Regan caught her before she got the diaper cream EVERYWHERE!
Oh and these "belle" jammies are her FAVORITE! thanks to gramma dixie....she wants to wear them ALL the time!

We pulled out the winter clothes after the first like 20 feet of snow. she wears her snow pants all the time and we are constantly putting her mittens on!

Well thats about it for right now. Ashley is totally sitting up, but still likes to throw herself backwards. She even clapped last night for the first was adorable!
Chloe is saying new words every day. Its so fun to hear her little vocabulary and she says everything so cute! Most of the time nobody knows what she is saying, I can usually figure it out tho! She is still ridiculously loud and sometimes I really wish we could go back to before she talked at house would be oh so quiet and wonderful!


Tina Heggie said...

Hehehe these are my favorite posts in the world.

Favorites - the black/white picture of just Chlo's face. And the one of them coloring. And the pig tails, duh. And the one of Ash where she looks positively PO'd!

I'll probably skim through this 8 more times today.

Emily Bester said...

Stink Jennie, your girls are so cute!! I totally agree that when they cuddle in the crib together and talk, it's some of the best moments.
Hattie has started to pretend to cut hair with toy scissors, and I keep thinking about Laura cutting your hair off. Needless to say, my scissors are in the high cupboards now though I'm sure it's just a matter of time :(
Love your blog!

Becky said...

What cutie girls! Ashley sounds like a dream! Chloe is sure a beauty!!