Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Chloe

Warning Extrememly long birthday post ahead!

Well that's it. My baby is Two. TWO!! It has been two whole years since I was in labor for the first time. Two years since I heard the doctor say "It's a girl" and I got to hold her in my arms for the first time. (writing that just made me tear up) Two years since our family grew from just the two of us. We love our Chloe so much and she will always have a special place in my heart for bring the first to change my world. It has surely flown by but has been SO much fun and I wouldn't trade her in for anything!!

I was looking at pictures of Chloe from the past two years, trying to see if she resembled her sister at all. nope she doesn't. But i found a ton of pictures that I love. so feel free to join me down memory lane.....

And here she is today on her BIRTHDAY!!!

Chloe on her actual birthday showing me that she is indeed two!

Sportin her new birthday duds from her daddy....he did a really good job! she HAD to hold her snack for the picture, she is just a little bit stubborn....something else she got from her daddy! :)

Blowing out her candles. She tried a couple of times but then got embarrassed and had to have some help.

Cute party girls in some cute party hats!! this was about the only time anyone would wear much for all my hard work! ha ha

my "decorations" that was about the extent of them. I was amazed at how tired I was after, cause it doesn't look like i did very much....but i did. promise!

Chloe LOVED her cake. she was So excited when we got the pan from the store, she had to carry it everywhere. But every time she saw the cake she said " where boots?" ha ha I probably would have done a "Boots" cake if they would have had one! She even helped me mix up the icing colors. I am pretty sure all the kids loved it, especially Van, he was hilarious. Dora just got back from vacation, if you were wondering about her tan....don't even worry about it.

We had lemon Meringue cupcakes that were pretty good....if i say so myself!

Brady just chilling with the girls.

And if you were all wondering she loved loved LOVED her princess land! ha ha she gets it out EVERY morning and after nap and plays with it. Tina gave her a bunch of little fairies from "Tinkerbell" that are perfect and she just can't get enough of them! She also got this adorable teapot from her Nana and Papa and i am SO mad i didn't take a picture of it cause she went crazy over it! it sings and makes a glug glug sound when you pour it. we have tea parties all day long....hours of entertainment!

She got this "blackberry" phone from Greg and the kids. She loves this too...she's a natural. She always calls Nana and chats up a storm.

Oh isn't she nice sharing her balloons with her sister....until she rips them away 2 seconds later.

Chloe was giving Cam a hug and Lexie "just jumped right into the picture" she said. ha ha she thought she was so funny! she seriously cracks me up!

Want to get a nice picture with mom for your birthday??? NOOOOOOOO!!! story of my life!

some cute party guests!

And its a good thing boston showed up cause Chloe has never been more excited as when he walked in!! ha ha "BOSS!!!" as loud as she could be....which is very loud...followed by a fit of giggles! too bad he could care less if she was around. ha

If you hadn't noticed the balloons were the highlight of the party. The kids played with them non-stop. The idea was to give them to the kids to take home and so we started cutting them off the bunch. With our vaulted ceiling this was pretty much the best game alive! ha ha good thing we had big tall guys to lift up the kiddos!

Chloe is now into EVERYTHING princess! she loves all the princess movies but is REALLY into cinderella right now. When they are dancing at the ball, she pulls me into the living room to dance with her and she humms the song "la da da dee la da da doo" its pretty entertaining. And then lately every time i get her dressed she looks at herself and says "itty" (pretty) and bring her arms up over her head a couple of times. what??? it took me a few times but then i realized she was copying cinderella when she gets her dress! ha ha she sweeps her arms up just like she does in the movie. hilarious!! I got her to do it on video....see extrememly long video below!

This is a video of the kids dancing at chloe's party. My mom gave her a dora book with a keyboard on it and it plays all kinds of LOUD music (thanks grandma) ha ha but they were all dancing and chloe ended her first one with a "tada"!! ha ha she cracks me up!

here is chloe showing me her magic that got her dressed! you don't have to watch the rest....its a long one. but I wanted to post it because it shows so much of how she is right now. Just how she talks and "plays" with her sister. more like squishes her. so if you feel like watching a long video about chloe then go right on ahead!


Regan said...

Jen our girlz are growing up so fast. What does it all mean?

Suz said...

Super cute ta-da! Glad you got that on tape! her calling "Daddy" was super cute too! Can't believe she is 2!

Tina Heggie said...

You always manage to post a hideous picture of me in every post! Donkeschon!

Chloe was way to freaking cute on her birthday, I was talking about it for weeks. I think I talk more about your kids to people than they talk to me about their kids. I'm COOL.

kyleandtaryn said...

So CUTE! The party, the decorations, and the BIRTHDAY GIRL were all perfect! Looks like she loved every second of it! Welcome to the two year old toddler club, it's quite the adventure!

Malea said...

She is so adorable Jennie!!! Ali wants to play with Chloe again. I love how Ashley just ignores Chloe the entire time..she is going to be an extremely patient child ;) ha ha...miss you guys!!

kelsey said...

love all the pictures. i love her little attitude picture in her new outfit--- so cute. also, you are a dora-cake-making-genius! who knew?

nichole said...

So adorable!