Friday, December 11, 2009

flowers and bows

Most of you probably know i make bows and flowers for little girls. I mostly just do it as a hobby, but I do sell quite a few, and it is fun!  Although i do have a facebook group that never gets updated, I do make new bows all the time,  I am just horrible at advertising them!  So anyway my supply at the store was looking very bleak. So I have been slaving away all week making a huge shwack (is that a word?) of pretty little bows/flowers for all your little ones!  Here are a few of the new ones I have made, for some reason I only took pictures of the white ones?? You can see some more of my bows at JRaeBows facebook group. 
 These first ones come in multiple colors - brown, black, purple, Ivory, red, and any other color you want as long as I can find the fabric! I made some for a friends wedding this weekend, I can't wait to see how cute the bridesmaids look!!   Sorry the pics are horrible, it was at night with my old point and shoot. 
These ones i currently only have in white, but they also can be made in any color that I can find!..aren't they darling?? I think they would be adorable in anyone's hair, or pinned on a scarf,a sweater,  or boot....the options are endless!!

These little ones are so sweet!  I wore one the other day and got a ton of compliments!!

So all you ladies in the Raymond Area (the three who read my blog) run over to the local Hardware store and pick up your stocking stuffers, or bows for your christmas dresses!!  I made ALOT of Christmas colored ones that are adorable!!  I know they should have been done earlier....I did my best!!  
Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!! 


Suz said...

Yes, Swack is a word. I use it all the time! I probably won't be making it to the Hardware Store anytime soon but I do have an "in" with the supplier right?! Good job Jenn!

Suz said...

I meant

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

I love your bows - they looked beautiful in all the girl's hair at the wedding tonight!
You've got a great talent going!