Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Eve

We spent our Christmas eve at Holt's this year. It was really special this year because everyone was able to be there.
We didn't draw names this year, we decided to do a white elephant gift exchange and it was alot of fun. the most coveted present was by far the Justin Beiber book that I opened....brittany's face was priceless! ha ha but I think she ended up with it in the end.

We were not going to be there in the morning so we gave our presents to the grandkids at night. I made these adorable little stuffy paratroopers for all the kids...but for some reason didn't take any pictures of them. too bad cause they were really cute i promise!
The picture on the right is from the blog I got the tutorial from. The ones I made were of everyones favorite character, so Chloe got Belle of course, Cam got a buzz lightyear, brady a ninja turtle ect. They had alot of fun throwing them off the banister for a few minutes while we were waiting for someone special to show up at the door!

We did go to santa at the mall but chloe wouldn't get very close to him. We have been asking her what Santa was going to bring her and she screams "BELLE TOYS!!!" super loud. ha ha she's a girl who knows what she wants!
We heard him pulling up on his quad (its faster than the sleigh) and all the kids ran to the window. There was alot of Jumping and screaming. Chloe was just scared stiff. ha ha but she did end up taking her present from him....getting so brave! cam was the best. He ended up being the last one to get something and was being SO patient just standing there not moving a muscle! haha
It was so fun for all the kids and then after he left Chloe was walking around looking VERY confused saying "santa?? santa?? where my belle toys??" HA HA so hilarious!!

Ash loved her dinosaur book that came with her jammies. And she loves her uncle Greg and cousin Brady too!

Opening christmas jammies, good thing Britty is around to help!

All the cousins in their jammers.
Matching girls! It was a great Christmas Eve with a TON of chinese food (my fave) and lots of goodies and fun!


Karlene said...

another one!!!! haha....i love christmas eve, the jammies are sure cute!! cute cute girls

Tina Heggie said...

Ash's laugh in the PJ picture is adorable. And Chlo's hair in that last one is also adorable...?? haha your blog update is giving me something to do all day today. THANKS!