Monday, September 24, 2012

June pics

I got a little ahead of myself and skipped over some pictures that I missed in June. oh June, has it really been 4 months?? did summer just FLY by for everyone else? yeesh waaaay too fast for me, and now i have a 4 year old, WHAT?? but more on that later. you wanted more random pics of my cute girls right Tina? 
Ash just using her feet to play on my phone. she is very talented! 

passed out on the way home from grandmas house. 

We did a busy bad exchange and I made these magnetic pom poms they are seriously REALLY fun. I suggest you make some, my kids play with them all the time! They are great for taking to church too, if you are always late like we are, they can stick them all over the metal chairs waaaaay in the back.

Cute little swingers.  They don't even look like this anymore :(  #growingtoofastformyliking

Cute girls doing some coloring. I can't figure out why they want to color on everything EXCEPT paper!? they haven't colored on the walls much (knock on wood) but my deck??? it is ALL over! i have to sand it off! gaaaah. probably won't happen I am preeettty lazy! ha 

Chloe wanted to try on reegs waders. ha ha 

she tried to walk and fell right on her butt.

Maybe my favorite picture of Ash of the year?? I just love her pudgy little fingers holding the juice, her crazy hair, and her look in her eyes "just try and take this juice box away from me, I dare you!" ha ha oh man i love her. 

sisterly love......

Came downstairs one day and Ash was glued to Thomas the train, pretty darn adorable with the fairy wings and tutu! 

And the kids' favorite pastime of all. they seriously do this ALL day with my dayhome kids. I just love that they have friends to play with all day, and I just keep telling myself that, over and over so I don't pull out ALL my hair ;)