Thursday, September 27, 2012

August 2012

August was awesome, and HOT, and busy, and just! This pic was from Henry's baby blessing that just needed to be on the blog. My wonderful parents and their adorable grandkids. Can you believe they are old enough to have SIX grandkids?? me neither they dont look a day over 40 ;)

I am really horrible at taking pictures when we are swimming cause I am always chasing Ashley making sure she doesn't drown! So happy day when Pam came with us and took some adorable pics for us! 

Love this one :)

Chloe is a PRO at the diving board now! I only had to catch her maybe twice? and she went over and over for about an hour. Boston was right behind her, it was pretty adorable! I am so proud of my little fish!!

Ashley went too but once was enough for her. 

Then is was Regan's birthday, the big 36!!

He is not a huge cake fan ( i know what is wrong with him???) So we made him a lemon meringue pie! 

The kids were a LITTLE excited!

Chloe got "bolt" from the library one day because Cam and Lexie like that movie. If you haven't seen it it's very action packed, she watched the ENTIRE movie like this, gasping in surprise every so often! ha ha she kills me!

Ashley and her HUGE teeth. I fear the worst for this little girl, she is going to need braces like nobody's business!

We went to the Whoop up day parade again this year, I dont know why we is SO long and boring!! ha ha we need candy!

Chloe liked it as long as no one in costume came too close to her. There was one guy in a dog costume that was walking too close to the sidewalk and she JUMPED up and ran behind my chair screaming. 

I just love this sleeping baby....who is not a baby anymore :( 

We made a stop in Sparwood on our way to Dickey lake this year the girls LOVED the giant truck. Chloe sill talks about it all the time "the truck that papa used to drive"

Sooooo silly. ha 

Ash has been working on her couch jumping skills.....

Van was pouting behind the chair for some reason or another and Ash and Baker ran back to join him. I am sure he loved that! 

My kids LOVE baker. man he is cute....

More swimming, jumping fun at Gramma's house!

Did Ashley wear that outfit almost every day this summer you ask??? Why yes, yes she did. 

Van is such a sweetheart!

We went out to Ridge one day to boat and Sea Doo, but on the way it decided to be a hurricane and be freezing cold!

The kids still had fun despite the hundred mile and hour winds!

Who is this 4 year old?? sigh....she is so big.

These two Besties again. can't get enough of how much Ash loves lins!! 

HA HA this picture was killing me! She was beyond excited that Cam's lifejacket had a whistle!!! 

The only ones brave enough to swim!

Reeg took all the kids on a little spin, Ashley was ADAMANT that she have a turn. It doesn't look as windy as it was.

And we end August with Britty and them both!


PamH said...

I obviously should have been watching my kids better instead of taking pictures given the fact Boston nearly drowned!! Loving all the slick little Baker playing at Grandma's house with cousins. :) And if it makes you feel better, Van ALSO wouldn't look at the photgrapher for RETAKES today! Ugh. That kid.