Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dickey lake 2012

We were lucky enough to go to Dickey Lake with Regan's brother and his family this year and we were SO happy we got to go it was a blast! 
Just having a bath in a tote! gotta love REAL camping! 

The first day was pretty cold so we just hung around camp and played some games. aaaaand went to Ihop cause nobody wants to cook breakfast in the rain!

It got really cold once the sun went down and we had lots campfire bonding time :) Ash actually went and snuggled with Nana! it was a Christmas miracle. 

Smore's time is the best time :)

Love these two, they are awesome!

This is my sexy secretary camping look...

This kid was filthy, and i mean FILTHY 10 minutes after she got up every morning. She was in dirt heaven.

Couple o' regular hotties!

It got nice after the first day and was GORGEOUS the rest of the time. so we did alot of boating and playing on the "rock beach"..."cause there is no sand so its not a REAL beach" in Chloe's world. 

Chloe's favorite thing about Dickey lake, she thinks she HAS to have one now. 

Ha ha they love their cousins! And i love them too because they LOVE my kids so much! 

It was always a little chilly in the morning so we all had to have our hot chocolate fix. 

Walking down to the beach in the morning. The Lake is absolutely gorgeous in the morning!

The whole gang, a little greeeeezy but happy to be here!

Looking at the fish on the dock.

Ha ha nice outfits boys!

A couple of sexy greasers right there I tell ya.

I told you it was pretty! and always calm in the morning. LOVE it there!

Eating some breaky

This child is a monster, Her chair I brought that hangs on the edge of the picnic table didn't fit, so feeding Ashley was a chore. She was up and down and all over the place and making a huge mess. 

We finally got smart and used this little table, until she leaned on it too hard and smacked her face. Oh smash you are a clutz.

Reeg showing off some serious pancake skills.

Love the water of Dickey lake it is SO blue and clear and CLEAN!! 

Beach bums.

Family tube ride. my kids loved it!

 Me and Britt and Brady went on a REAL tube ride and the Buss bomb tried to kill me!

This was just after we went over a huge wave and I went FLYING like 15 feet in the air. it was hilarious, we were dying laughing. I for sure thought the little skinny minnies would go flying before I did...don't worry they both went in too, I made sure of it :)

Love these two!

More Ash and linds love, cutest ever!

Ashley's favorite thing to do all day. So sad we had to go home but we had a blast!