Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sewing as of late

So Im only like 3 months behind in blogging. meh I will catch up with a bazillion pictures later. thought I would share some of the things I have sewn lately. Since I have an awesome sewing room now and LOVE to do it!  My sister had a baby. HENRY!!! he is the cutest thing ever, you can check him out at HER blog. and you really should, she is hilarious. So I was an awesome sister and made her a bunch of blankets. 
cutest fabric ever!!!

Loved this one too, the checkered side was SO soft. 

Ok Dix (my mom) made this one, but it was too cute not to share!

This one was my favorite, I was just DYING for 
someone to have a girl so I could make a scalloped blanket. 

And since Tina didn't know what she was having there was a 50% chance it was a girl......but then it wasn't. oops. 

I made a fleece one too. cause I bought some for Ash and it was so
 cheap we bought the rest of the bolt!

So 4 girl blankets and 2 boy ones.....not bad. (dix thought it was a girl)

Chloe was invited to a birthday party and I forgot to buy a present so I whipped up these adorable dolls instead. I think it is way more fun to give something handmade, and chloe was super excited cause she helped me pick out their "clothes"

I made chloe this adorable little dress. and i didn't edit one of these pictures (shhhh don't tell pam!) 

"It spins SOOO good mom!" 
Ha glad she likes it!

This adorable bouncy chair was made with love for Tina's baby. Henry looks too cute in it....again refer to HER blog :)

We went to Bear lake this year and it is one LONG drive. SO I made the girls some neck pillows...they were a HIT! 

And of course they needed some new towels to sport at the beach!

Tina asked me to make Henry a bow tie for his blessing, they are pretty cute right?

But not near as cute as the little Ties i made!!!!
Ha ha I was DYING about how cute these turned out and how stinkin easy they were! 

And this was also for he is just getting spoiled rotten isn't he?? It was supposed to be for his shower but Chloe couldn't wait until then to give it to him!

And here is the adorable Henry Man on his blessing day. LOVE him!!! I am sure I will be making more things for this sweet little face. We are so sad they left yesterday to go back home :( big SAD face. 


PamH said...

AH! I hate your sewing posts because they make me feel like a big piece of crap mom who never sews anything cute for her kids!!!! Lol. Seriously though?? I need some ties!! Oh my..and I have never put a single bow tie on my kids. Bought material to make some, never did it. Sewing is just not my forte!! And those neck pillows look perfect! The ones we buy from the store are always too huge and never really work for the kids!! Or too wimpy. And if I EVER have a girl, I NEED a scalloped blanket!!! Ok, I think that's it? Holy sheesh cute stuff!! And as if...editing sucks, don't ever blame a person for not editing! :)

kelsey said...

I need that scalloped blanket. Right now. Okay, December, but STILL. I will pay you. You are crazy. I need to come and just watch you work your magic. But then I'll be sad when my sewing isn't as fabulous. Also, I need to know how to make a cute bouncy seat cover. Ours is about done. The end.

Lisha said...

Ok seriously. "I just whipped these up." you are crazy awesome! And you're girls
are super cute. And Henry is super cute also :)

Becky said...

so, so cute!! I love those dolls that you "just whipped up." Adorable!! Your girls are so sweet.

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

TIna's baby is darling!
Loved EVERYTHING you made.
I think I might need to learn to sew. Everytime I think about it though, I have memories of Mrs. Standing/Mrs. Aki and getting the vibe I pretty much annoyed the heck out of them...really?? Me??
I was always picking, and picking, and picking out everything...
this has turned into therapy. Thanks.
You really do have a gift. The "I just whipped these up" comment was my favourite, Martha.

Tina Wilde said...

I feel so spoiled.....but I already actually felt that way BEFORE the post. There are even things you made Henry that didnt' make it on here! He loves you most of all! How could he not? He'd be a freezing toyless baby if it weren't for you. And you guys really should have listened to me cause I knew it was a boy all along! Moooom.....sillllllllly dix.

Also, if I tried to make one of those dolls? Well I don't need to go into detail cause I'm sure you are picturing the whole thing right now...and laughing...rude!

ashley walker said...

Jennie you are amazing!!! i will take one of all of the above...please and thank you! you're the bestest!

ashley walker said...

That post from Ashley Walker is actually from your S-I-L Sam...oops

kyleandtaryn said...

Good heavens you are talented! The girls are obsessed with the dolls that you "whipped up" for them. Molly is on the left, Olivia is on the right. Ha ha. You are the best! Loving all the things you made...adorable!

lynz said...

i just whipped these up - my favorite comment too! haha you are so freakin awesome! i want some of those ties - adorable!