Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I thought I had already blogged these pictures, since may was a while ago and it is almost JULY!! crazy. We had some awesome weather back in May, June has been kinda cold an rainy tho hopefully July will smarten up and be gorgeous for us to go swimming every day!! I can't even tell you how excited I am to be done my day home for the summer, it is gonna be weird but AWESOME to just have 2 kids! 
My kids are obsessed with bubbles, but what kid isn't?? they are the best ever!

Ash just looking ridiculously cute in her new shorts from her Auntie Michelle! She has some mad bubble skills. 

My kids are so serious! ha ha look at that concentration. Check out our grass!! we planted it last summer and its finally coming up....a little patchy, but we will take it!

WE got a bunch of new toys for the backyard recently, including the infamous slide, and this awesome cozy coupe, a new wagon, a tiny wagon, a smattering of bikes. our house looks like a daycare! now we just need a fence to hide it all, our poor neighbors.

This was one day after Ash got up from a nap, they both just sat on the chair snuggling up watching strawberry shortcake. I love it when they are nice to each other. There is nothing cuter!! I know they do love each other even tho they fight most of the time. Ash always asks "where Coeee?" when she wakes up and Chloe is the same. jumps up to go get ash as soon as we hear her calling. And for some reason she calls for "Mana" when she wants to get out. I am not too sure who she is asking for since she calls me mommy the rest of the time. mixture of mom and nana perhaps?? either way its cute. 

Chloe was being such a good big sister pushing ash around in this tote. This must have been a sister bonding day cause they are in the same clothes in all these pics, or I just pulled out the camera more! 

Even got some hugs in there. If you know Ash, this is a VERY rare occurance. I asked for a kiss the other day and after she gave me the fastest one she could manage she said "hug?" that was seriously the first time EVER she has asked me for a hug. I may have teared up a little. 

My kids love corn on the cob! whats not to love?? chloe can eat more than me, but didn't want her picture taken apparently. 

What the WHAT??? this was blowing my mind!! who is this HUGE girl?? and where is my baby Ashy??? she is def not a baby anymore and it makes me sad all day. 

This was when we were working on our rental house. the kids would sit in this hole in the wall and watch cartoons. 

Poor Chloe is too much like her mother ;)

Having some dinner at the rental house. don't mind their outfits, they are the painting clothes!

one of the hot days we put the slide into the pool. they had a BLAST!! 

CHloe always wants her hair done like Natalie (the little girl I babysit) but Natalie has about as much hair as sometimes its difficult. but we pulled off the twist/side pony one day and she HAD to have this giant flower, but she looked pretty cute. 

Fun at the park!

Having a snack with daddy after church. 

Followed by a nap for some of us. 

And last but not least Ash loves these goggles. they make everything blue she will wear them forever!! 


maleatortilla said...

Your girls are just soooo adorable!!! I really want to play with both of them so bad and so does Ali!!

Tina Wilde said...

when she is saying "manna" she is obviously trying to say in I want to go visit tina again in saskatoon and see a TRAAAAIN!!!! love all the pictures. going to look at them a few more times. ash brushing her teeth??? seriously? SO tall and old.