Friday, June 1, 2012

over the river and through the woods


We just got back from being in Saskatoon all weekend and my oh my was it a blast!! i love love LOVE hanging out with my very favorite sister and so do my kids, she is a peach. Sad that she lives so far away...but lets not dwell on that. here are a bajillion pictures I took, I couldn't leave any out cause everyone looked so darn cute. Tina and her belly especially!
I mean is that not the cutest little fam pic around?? Ash wishes she could stay with Tina and Al and I am sure the feeling is mutual. And cutest belly EVER?? ya i think so. 

watching the merry-go-round, look at cute ash on her tippy toes! 

The girls were pretty scared to go on the merry-go-round the first time so chloe picked a horse that didn't go up and down.....boring!! 

And ash wouldn't go near any of them!

The second time around they were both having a blast tho!

hello boobs.....

beeessst friends. Ashleys 3rd favorite person alive. 

This is such a fun little park Chloe has talked about it since we were there last year. She remembers everything!

Just eating some ice cream at the park...all non chalant and such. 


I bet Chloe isn't heavy at ALL right alan?? ha ha he is such a good sport. 

The train ride was shut down for a few hours so we went for a walk by the river. 

cutest couple around, soon to be the cutest parents!

Chloe fell asleep in the stroller on our little walk so we decided to walk around the museum that was right there while she slept. of course we made our way into the gift shop, where ash picked up this monkey and was so insanely cute with it, gramma bought it for her! it pays to be cute!! 

TRAIN mom!! waiting so patiently to ride the train.

Chloe is so excited! she seriously talks about riding this train like once a week and it was a year ago that we rode it. It is THAT fun!!

I don't think anyone knows how much Ashley loves trains unless yo have been there when she sees one. it is pretty hilarious!! 

Just rubbing Alan's back. 

You're pretty darn lucky if you get a kiss from Smash. The train ride was tooootally worth the 3 hours we spent waiting for it to open. ha ha well the kids loved it! 

Then we headed to the zoo, and this was the lineup to get into the park. it took us an HOUR!! I guess it had been raining a ton so everyone was trying to get out and enjoy the nice weather or whatever. still, get another person to help take money! geez!

We found another train at the zoo. DOUBLE PRIZES!!!  

cute sisters. awwww I miss her. can't you live next door to me tina??  I will babysit your baby ANYTIME!! 

Hanging out in at the zoo....i know I know good one Jennie. 

Tina wanted a pic with the peacock. They were everywhere, being super loud. 

And me and my baby, who is not much of a baby anymore. :(

Ash probably loved the zoo the most. she LOVES animals. well as long as she doesn't have to touch them, she takes after me in that area. 

bedtime stories with Tina and her belly. isn't she cute???

I bought myself a ring that actually FITS!! my wedding ring hasn't fit since I had Chloe my sausage fingers are way too fat. And I have been looking for a cheap replacement for ever but NOBODY sells rings that will fit my fat fingers. So I was super happy to find this gorgeous one at a garage sale for 10 bucks!! aaaaand its reversible! 

scored these awesome cute chalkboard things at a garage sale too. the kids are loving them!

Love this face!

Chloe NEVER naps anymore....well unless you keep her up until 10:30 and dont sit down all day, then she will just be adorable and snuggle right up for a much needed nap! 

Ash showing off her huge muscles! 

This was by far the best. we were having a rest outside and Chloe wiggled her way under my moms legs and fell asleep. ha ha so funny!
And my favorite ladies in the whole world! Thanks for the fun trip MOM!! and thanks for letting us come stay Tina!! I am already going through Tina withdrawals. good thing we get to come back in a month and see that cute baby!! 


Sami-Jane said...

cute photos! looks like a super fun trip!

Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Your trip looked like so much fun!
Your "hello boobs" comment made me laugh.

kelsey said...

Fun trip! Tina looks GREAT. Such a cute baby belly! I can't believe she's old enough to have a baby. lol. I love Ashley's little romper so much, every time she wears it I drool. Where did you find it?!?!?

PamH said...

Ashley's romper plus orange shoes plus a train that makes her smile really huge equals the cutest thing!! The picture of you and chloe is darling too!!

Tina Wilde said...

Ok I don't know why you put on here that I wanted a picture with the peacock...pretty sure that was Chloe. But you do get us mixed up a lot. Guess that's what's happening? You can come visit me again...I kind of liked it.