Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ballet vids

The video's didn't work from the last post. So Regan helped me for like 2 hours to try and figure it out. I am crossing my fingers that it will work this time! 

This one had me peeing my pants. chloe trying to point her toe is hilarious!! i have never seen her do this before! aren't they so cute lined up like that?? "don't run over your friend" ha ha indeed. 

This was one of the first songs they learned this half of the year. And none, not one of the kids could do that bum up bridge thing, and they all did it! And yes chloe is the one singing along with the teacher, AND she was the only one who answered, and knew the term "plie" for the next dance. I'm a proud momma ;)

This is their final dance they do at the end of each class. they do their own dance and have to do a "thank you curtsey" to the teacher and the audience and to miss Lorrie who plays the piano. And once again I have NEVER seen her curtsey like this, it must have been the pressure to perform with all the people watching. ha ha she was so serious and dramatic. I love her :)