Monday, October 29, 2012

Snow Day

We had a huge dump of snow last week, must have been about a foot? It's been crazy cold ever since. We wouldn't dream of anything else seeing as Halloween is next week and when ISN'T it absolutely freezing on Halloween?? Minus of course last year....but that was a fluke. 

So one afternoon when it warmed up a tad we ventured out for some snow angels and snow tasting! It's ok we dont have pets, so hopefully it was ok to eat?? 

Cute Lincoln, he played outside for an hour all by himself while the other kids were at preschool. He is such a sweet kid :)

Chloe making a snow angel, she was in heaven, we didn't get a tonne of snow last year, and I am pretty horrible and taking them outside when it does snow. I am going to be better this year tho!! Promise? 

Carson is pretty adorable too. My kids LOVE these boys and are so sad when they don't come to play. 

The littles just eating snow and loving it. 

HA ha pure joy right there!!

She thinks she is hilarious. 

Ash didn't last as long as the others, she has a pretty bad cold. She sounds like an old lady...or a frog

This has always been one of my favorite hats.....

.Chloe looked pretty cute in it too. 

Man just look at those lips on my gorgeous baby!! I can't believe she is 4. someone pinch me?!


Tina Wilde said...

WOW Chloe is big, seriously feel like she was a baby yesterday. ha ha "the littles" that's a good name for them. I am sure my kids will never know that snow is even a source of enjoyment cause I will never take them out sooooo good on ya!