Friday, July 15, 2011


This is Olive. Olive is our backyard neighbor. She is pretty much the cutest little girl, and SO sweet! Every day without fail If chloe steps foot on the deck and olive is on her deck there is a lot of yelling....
(chloe turns to me "MOM its my Best Friend OLIVE!!")

which then usually results in a fun afternoon of them playing for hours at one house or the other. It has been pretty much a little piece of heaven. They play SOOOO good together. they NEVER fight and will play for hours without needing anything.  

We were invited to go to Park Lake the other day with them and the kids had so much fun in the green sludge we like to call water. Here are just a few cute pics from the day. It was gorgeous and we only stayed for a few hours. So great to live nice and close it was kind of nice not to have to spend the whole day stuck there.


Tina Wilde said...

Cutest best friends ever. I still want to see them play together...before I LEAVE...gaaaaah.