Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 1st. 2011

Happy Canada Day to all! 
Love smashy. 

Check out that crazy hair!! where is this kids mother?

Oh there she is...with the bestest gramma ever! 

The parade was off the hook?? maybe?? ok its pretty lame. but Ash thought it was the cat's meow!

Chloe on the other hand was a big chicken as per usual and wouldn't leave my lap. not even to get candy. Maybe next year she will like it?? 

Our cute little fam jam, partyin it up! July 1st was great. lots of family and food which everybody loves. especially ME!! 

Then on Saturday guess who ran 10k?? thats right WE DID!!! BOOYA! 

This handsome devil was the best husband ever and ran my ridiculously slow pace the entire way! 
It was really fun...ok maybe fun isn't the right word. But it is fun now that it's over! ha ha it was long. very long. the longest I have done this year was 8k so those last two were seriously the devil. but we perservered and I came in at 1:17. pretty good considering my goal was 2 hours! (I figure make your goal real big and you will always beat it :)

All the wonderful runners. good work errbody! 

After some delicious mass produced pancakes and sausage (my personal fave) we went to pick up the girlies at Nana's house and took a little cat nap while we were there. Big thanks to Nana for watching them for us so we could run!! 

Then we headed over to my parent's house for some fun in the pool! 

Everyone had a blast! don't you love that pink ruffle bum??

chloe showin off her cute beach hat and her supermodel moves. 

Ash thinks she can stand up wherever she wants now all by herself. 

my main squeeze cookin up some grub!
Ok this was hilarious. she was like half asleep here just power lounging for ever! 

And the entertainment isn't only outside. Alan's audience was captivated. 

Hooray for SUMMER!!! 


Tina Wilde said...

You are mastering that picture scheme thing with Chloe jumping. And she is SO good at it...good ol tumbling tigers. I obviously am dying over that picture of Chloe posing like a porn star and also the one of her lounging. That was hilarious. Drunk off sunshine!

And Al is the next Fred Penner!

Becky said...

Fun, fun! I hate that I miss Canada Day every year. :-(

Way to go on the running!

maleatortilla said...

Miss you guys!!!! Your girls are just getting as cute as ever!! Wish we could play this year :(

P.S. You are getting super skinny!! You look fantabulous!!

Love you guys