Wednesday, July 13, 2011


That's right. you are seeing the cutest piggie tails alive. I have no idea why I haven't tried doing these before. Probably because of her ridiculous hatred of having her hair/head touched. So i have to be super quick and sneaky getting them in. But it was SO worth it!! 

After getting their jammies on the other day we were reading stories and stuff and Ash got up, walked over and grabbed her blanky and walked into her room. "ready for bed mom!" oh man I love this kid.

WE hit up the pool in raymond yesterday, always a good time. It wasn't super hot and half of the town was out at girls camp so it wasn't even busy!

 Smash was hilarious. just giggling and splashing the whole time she LOVES the water! And they both loved the waterslide we went 5 million times. Chlo even went once by herself but she fell over round the corner and came out upside down so that didn't happen again.

This is just Ash in the pharmacy having the best day of her life! she LOVES anything soft and fuzzy, and they have stuffies for sale on like every corner of the store! yaaa she was lovin it.


Lana said...

They are so cute Jennie. We are coming down this weekend and want to hit up the pool with the kids. Haven't been to the new one.

Tina Wilde said...

I just want to yank her pigtails out they are so cute!