Friday, December 16, 2011


Just a little gingerbread house making action over here. It is really late and I have been up late all week sewing and crafting and wrapping and putting together toys. So there will not be much writing tonight. 
Chloe was dying to put this gingerbread house together, or just to eat the candy, either way the girls had lots of fun! 

I have a love/hate relationship with these pre-made gingerbread houses. 
The are easy, and the kids have fun. but you can't eat it, its disgusting, and the icing was HORRIBLE!! It tasted so gross and was almost impossible to push out of the stupid bag. 

But chloe loved it so thats all that matters right?

And ashley was really good at taking the candy off as soon as chloe put it on. 

The masterpiece! beautiful isn't it?? ok don't answer that. 

Blue tongue after eating half of the candy!

 These pics were earlier that day. I thought ashley would grow out of sucking on her blanket, but it seems to just be getting worse. She is always dragging it her mouth. its so gross. ha ha FLEECE in your mouth?? gag me. the edges are just snipped into fringe and she sucks on one piece and rubs another one on her face. kids are so weird.
And chloe wanted a picture too. love this face!


PamH said...

Both Boston and (Jolene's) Ava didn't stop sniffing their blankets until we took their soothers away! I can't even remember right now if Ashley even takes one so my info prob isn't even all that helpful to you! Lol.

Tina Wilde said...

I love them and get to see them SO SOON!! Cute cute pictures J.

karlielsa said...

Jaxen sucks on his blanket too, it's kinda gross. He is going to be three pretty soon, I also wonder when that will stop. The smell is disgusting as well. It makes him happy so I am not going to worry. Cute family Jennie!!!

maleatortilla said...

Your girls are just getting too cute! I am loving Chloe's cute curls!!

Lisha said...

at least you made a gingerbread house! supermom strikes again :) and your girls are adorable!

Kinsey said...

Aw looks like fun!