Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heggie Christmas Party

So Since it's almost May i thought I better start catching up my blog. and what better place to start than before Christmas!? Here are some pics from our Heggie Christmas party. They weren't going to have one but then I just whined a little bit and my mom threw it together....isn't she great? It was so much fun, the girls all had a blast and it is so fun to see all the family! We went on a freezing cold hayride that Chloe talked about for MONTHS!! literally, she made Lincoln play "hayride" with her every day for weeks.  
We had a delicious Roast beef on a bun and then got all the kids dressed up for the Nativity. 
Ash was a sheep! and of course Chloe was an Angel. she had decided earlier that week she was an Angel, good thing we had enough Angel costumes to make all the kids happy!

Cute little angels! 

And all the kids together, we had them all sit and we watched a little video where a little girl is narrating the nativity. It was adorable! I put up a few because not all the kids are in every picture it was kind of a gong show!! 

Then of course SANTA came!!

Ashley was loving Santa. she even learned to say santa the same week so that was perfect! she was not scared of him at ALL she actually sat on his lap a couple of times and was standing near him or touching him the whole time he was there. One thing about Ash, she loves her old men! 

With her bag of goodies! 

This was as close as I could get Chloe to get to him tho......

she still got her bag of treats....and alot of orange punch, hench the stache. 

All the cousins playing in the corner, my kids love haylee!

Chloe is sharing her treats with gramma! thanks for such a fun party! can't wait for next year!