Monday, April 30, 2012


I found some more pics just sittin in iphoto just begging to be posted. who am I to disagree?
Just making some cookies with my little helper! She seriously has a coronary if I ever try to bake anything without letting her dump in the ingredients. 

Ash is a beater monster. she knows if she waits semi-patiently she gets to lick it clean. she will sit and squeal at me the entire time we are baking. "pease!! PEASE!!" 

This was too cute. Chloe found the flashlight and they were finding all their "treasures" under the couch. aka all the junk that gets lost under there for weeks at at time. 

Ash is obsessed with zippers. I have found her sleeping half naked a few times. she wasn't impressed with the flash. ha ha 

Chloe was ecstatic when she looked out the window the other day and their were "flowers" in our yard. "mom I am so happy the rain made daisies grow in our grass!" 

I got them to hold still for a few seconds before church the other day. hooray for new spring dresses! check out Chloe's purse that is "just like grandmas!!"  She had to call my mom today to tell her she used the green sippy cup that is gramma dixies favorite color. It was hilarious she talked my moms ear off for a half an hour!