Friday, April 13, 2012

February Fun

I don't really remember much from February, so it's a good thing I take pictures! 

Tina came home for a visit and we went swimming. My girls LOVE swimming, almost as much as I do! Chloe is getting so good at it, she will even swim a little without her water wings. I'm so proud of her! And how much are you in love with their fluorescent pink swim suits?! I can't get enough of them!

And I can't get enough of this face! and her voice!! I need to post some video's cause seriously you guys she has the cutest voice ever! she loves to go on the slide. when we are at the pool it is just "side?? side??" the entire time. she has no fear which is kinda scary sometimes...but awesome. 

My little Chloe fish!

Ash swimmin with her "Neena!" 

Ash has taken to wearing a tutu all the time. she usually wears her pink pettiskirt, but this one is on frequently too! 

A couple of cute 3 yr olds having a sucker! They are so cute together. Chloe gets up every morning and asks if Lincoln is coming over. The weekends are hard for her, she misses her BFF

Some after nap cartoons. 

her hair is always a crazy mess. I LOVE that she has hair, dont get me wrong, but she is such a slob she looks homeless most of the time!

This was a rough day for ash. she had fallen down the stairs, fell face first off the couch, and then got kicked in the face by Chloe on the swings. notice her fat lip??

you can see it better in this one. it took me awhile to get her to eat a freezie, but after she finally ate one it went way down and she was allll better! 

Ash is also a great helper, her and Chloe fight over who gets to start the dishwasher. 

Chloe just reading Lincoln a story. I am so lucky to babysit such good kids! 


Becky said...

You're such a fun mom! Your Valentine's party looks like a blast. We wish we could come swimming!!

Nate, Marie & Lilly said...

I tell Lilly she looks like a homeless person all the time when she won't let me fix her hair. Looks like you have so much fun.

Tina Wilde said...

Adorable. Love those swim suits and SWAMMAN with you guys.

Kinsey said...

I love those swimsuits!