Friday, April 13, 2012

whitefish n'stuff

I really have to start keeping up on my blog. This stuff happened so long ago I can't remember all the fun stuff that happened!
But we went to whitefish again this year and had a blast as always! I was so Happy my cousin Koralie could come this year, she made me go skiing with her and I was happy i did....even tho i couldn't walk the next day!

We were planning on taking turns going skiing but my mom was super nice and decided to watch the kids for us so we could go together! don't i have the BEST mom? ya i know ;) 

It was a perfect day!! loved being able to spend so much time with Kor! 

Absoultely gorgeous!! 
love birds. 

haha we were a little tired at lunch time. I dont think we made it down 3 more times after this! 

Kor looking pretty hot with her new board! 

Chloe had her very first braid!! pretty exciting stuff!

Love this baby face!

Chloe helping make our treats for Christmas. We took these to some of our friends at Christmas time. 

I also made a few "snowman kits" that I gave away....but i didn't take any pictures of them. 

And just a couple of cute kids hanging out before bedtime. 


PamH said...

Cutest little braid ever! And now I'm craving more yummy nibs! Lol. I think I was workign when you droped those off so I don't think I even thanked you for them? Lol. THanks!!!

Tina Wilde said...

Well just got caught up on all your blog posts and still wishing you posted more....yup I am needy like that. I cried reading this tho cause I didn't come to Whitefish...ok I didn't cry but I thought about it.

Kinsey said...

Love that cute little braid! And love those treats - I'm a lame neighbor. Your girls are just the cutest!