Sunday, April 15, 2012

March Madness.

Ok I am not talking about basketball. Just more catching up on my stupid blog. Pictures from March?? I don't know what we did....but I sure didn't take pictures of it! 

Chloe making more never ends. 

Found chloe laying on the arm of the couch watching cartoons. 

She wan't paying attention to me...

at all. 

This was another present Chloe got for christmas I made her a diaper bag, full of felt diapers, wipes and the blanket that is wrapped around her doll. it has scalloped edges and is super cute! I also made a matching one for Tina's baby....but never took any pictures of it. I will have to have Tina send me some pics of all the blankets I made her. I almost didn't want to give them to her I loved them so much!

Ashley is my shoe monster. she is constantly wearing and hiding shoes all over the house. one of her favorite words "shoes on??" She is always asking for her shoes. 

I just crave her. 

Just trying to snap a nice picture of my girls. Chloe couldn't give me a normal smile if I was paying her!! she is definitely in her goofy smile stage! 

I can't stand how big they are getting. these pictures are making me sad. where is my little baby smash?? she is gonna be TWO in a few weeks. sad sad day. 

Gramma gettin some snuggles. I NEVER get snuggles. I guess it was Ash's birthday present to her. 

It was my mom's 50th birthday this year. Happy Birthday gramma!