Friday, April 13, 2012

Extremely late christmas post

And In true procrastinating fashion we have Christmas in April! These pictures are all mixed up and I am not going to be putting the effort into moving them around, sorry! Not like anyone is going to look at this post anyway right? 

Starting with Christmas at The Holt house...

 My kids were spoiled rotten at Holts, Chloe got this pink CD player which she uses EVERY day to listen to all her princess music.
 Regan rates christmas as just ok, and britty gives it TWO thumbs up

Taking a picture with my new canon elph!

Ashley getting into everything as per usual. 

Cousins playing on the Ipad.

Christmas dresses! 

And we jump over to Christmas Eve at gramma Dixie's house..

The cute kids waiting SO patiently to open their presents. 

I made all the cousins superhero capes this year complete with masks and they loved them!

Super hero Boss and Baker man. 

They were all different and reversible. One side was a superhero and on the other side was their initial. I think they were pretty cute.....but i made them. soooooo ya. 
HERE are some really cute pics Pam put on her blog of the boys in their capes!

And i was there too!

Look at Sam's cute wrapping job!

I also made all the girls ear warmers. I found the tutorial on pinterest and they turned out super cute!

The kids all got these head lamps. so much fun!

My handsome man.

The happy couple.

And the preggers. 

Cutest little racoons there ever was!

Christmas jammies pictures. TRADITION!

All the girlies.

And chloe being the center of attention. She loves it. 

And christmas morning at our house. 

Looks like I only took pictures of Ashley that morning. ha ha she was so cute tho!

obsessed with her stuffed kitty!

They loved their pink kitchen. Chloe came into the room and said. "well its not a princess kitchen, but it IS pink." so i guess it was ok! ha ha 

Ash's favorite present by far she played with it forever!

Chloe got her OWN pink "puter" and was pretty happy!

BAck to the Holt house...

Cam and Lexie showing off their capes!

Their favorite thing to do is play with the pool table balls. 

Playing with cousin Tyler. 

Ash got this adorable stroller which she loves! when she actually gets to play with it, chloe is kinda bossy!

poor Reeg all tuckered out after all the festivities. 

They were so excited the next day with all their new toys! 

Ash still loved her bus the best!

Karen made the girls this amazing Advent calendar. Chloe loved it. It was the first thing she said every morning "can we put something in my stable?"

Isn't it amazing?? ya she made it all by hand!! we LOVE it!

AND our Christmas card!! Merry Christmas....a few months ago! ;)


Ashley said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who posted about Christmas in April! Looks like it was a good one for you guys.

Tina Wilde said...

I can't hardly remember Christmas it was so long ago! But still the cutest Christmas for the Easter post please!

Sami-Jane said...

Yay for blog posts!
Nay for my hideous hair on Christmas eve - what was I thinking???
Yay for cute ear warmers
Nay that we have to wait another 8 months for Christmas.

PamH said...

Those capes are really just the cutest thing ever!! I was dying when the kids opened them...and I was actually just prepping the pictures finally to post about them on my own blog too! Lol. Love the tired pic of Reeg.