Friday, April 13, 2012

snow day!

We finally got a good chunk of snow back in January so we ran over to Lynsey's house to sled in their back yard. Well not exactly their back yard, but they have a park right behind their house with a little hill. perfect for a couple of cute 3 year olds! 

The best part was they could bring their own sleds back up and go as much as they wanted with minimal effort from me. ha ha ya I am that lazy. 

Ash loved her first real sledding experience. Even tho she isn't smiling she is secretly having fun. 

Oh there is a smile with her BFF carson!

ha ha carson couldn't move in his snowsuit....he was less than impressed. 

Chloe "come with me Ashley it will be so fun!!" Ash didn't agree. 

Snow angels! 

Ash just eating some snow. at least it was fresh. 

here you can see the snowman kit we made for Lincoln, and Chloes first snowman! ha ha well the first one I remember. 

our fun little snow buddies, thanks for letting us come play Lyns!