Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Why does my house look like this 5 minutes after I clean it???

Oh right this little monster. look at that hair. my guess is she was eating....well anything really. she always looks like this after a meal. 

Where's Ashley?? oh i see you. 

Chloe discovered her new found tongue roll talent. 

looks like I took alot of after eating pictures this month. but she still looks cute, with her huge bunny teeth! 

little miss attitude over herrrr


like her blonde fro?? ha ha love it

Ash has started wearing this tutu every day. its pretty adorable. 

Just a little play dough action. we made play dough with sparkles in it....chloe thought I was the smartest person alive! 

This was Chloe helping me fill up some baggies. We did a busy bag exchange that some girl I don't even know put together. ha ha We made 20 bags that had a few different colors of dyed pasta beads and string to make necklaces with. Then we went to the exchange and got 20 different busy bags with all sorts of fun things to do in them. Chloe loves them and plays with them all the time. 

It was alot of fun, I would totally do it again. 

As i said before I have been trying to get pictures of my kids sleeping. but they ALWAYS wake up. 

Still pretty cute when she wakes up tho. I just love her sleepy red cheeks and sweaty hair. and she sooometimes will snuggle with me after she wakes up. its always a nice surprise when she does!

tried to get one of Chloe too, didn't work. love that she had her arms like that tho. 

Just watching the garbage truck. Thursdays are pretty exciting around here.

FIRST BRAIDS!! she was SO excited. "oh mom i LOVE it. i look JUST like Rapunzel!!" 

Happy April everyone!