Friday, April 13, 2012

Valentines partay

 Valentines is a BIG day in the Holt house. ha ha or we were so bored we just decided to make it one. Chloe talked about it for a looooooong time. And every time Regan would come home (for like 2 months) she would hide behind the counter and jump out "HAPPY BALENTIMES DAY!!!" she has since moved on to being excited for Ashley's birthday. it's a nice change :) 

The kids had a blast putting hearts on all the doors and windows of the house, we did it for like 2 hours one day. and I'm pretty sure there are still some hanging around. 

Then we had an actual Valentines day party where we colored Valentines and decorated cupcakes. 

The Icing was pretty good, or so I heard. 

Carson loved it!

Olive and Grady our neighbors came to have some awesome Valentines fun! 

They all did a great job icing their cupcakes and I was smart enough to put a plastic table cloth down so I could just gather up the millions of sprinkles and toss em in the garbage!!

aaaaaand thats a cute pink icing face. 

Chloe was also obsessed with making Valentines. It's probably the first time I gave her scissors and a glue stick and let her run free. She made them every day for weeks. 

Ash did her share of coloring too! I love how close they get to the paper....trying SO hard to color perfect! 


kelsey said...

Oh my heck, Ashley's little pink icing smile is so dang cute!!! Looks like fun.

Tina Wilde said...

FUNNEST MOST SUCCESSFUL PARTY EVER!!! A party probably hasn't been talked about in so much repetition in the history of time, so I'd say you did pretty good. Love all these pictures of course.

Kinsey said...

Oh my goodness I love the icing face! What a good mom throwing a Valentine party.