Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Beginning...

To Look alot like Christmas!! 

We had our first cold spell and Chloe was SO excited to dress up and go play in the snow. too bad there wasn't enough snow to play in. Oh well she still had fun dressing up and she looked cute too. 

 Chlo has also been obsessed with everything Christmas especially the lights. she begs regan every day to put them up. But since we haven't had the time to do it...Chloe took it into her own hands.

she's a natural. 

So then I thought i better be a nice mom and make her some of her own to decorate her house with!

They turned out pretty cute i thought. and she was so excited.
 "are those for MEEEE?? I LOVE them mom!!!" 
(said in her most dramatic voice)

So then i thought she needed a Christmas tree for the inside too. I was going to decorate the little balls all cute and Christmassy. But she was in heaven with just the plain I just went with it. 

And not related to Christmas in the slightest I recovered a bouncy chair for my friend who just had a baby girl!

It was actually easier than i thought. I really want to do another one....who wants one?? 


kelsey said...

Um, I want one. You're freaking amazing. I wonder how many times I've said that in a comment I leave on your marvelously crafty posts! A lot. So anyway, if I ever have a boy, you're recovering my bouncy seat. The end. I will pay you.

maleatortilla said...

You are so crafty! i love it!! Chloe is just getting too dang big! Ali needs to play with her soon!! :)

PamH said...

That bouncy chair is awesome! I've done that, and it doesn't look like that AT ALL! Lol.

Tina Wilde said...

Just picturing Chlo say that made my DAY. "I just love it mom!" haha ooooh she is the best and her house is perfect with it's christmas decorations. Don't put up Christmas lights or else the wind will blow them away sounds like. Better come put them on my house where there's no wind!