Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More July

Some cute cousins chillin at the Raymond pool. We did make it out a few times this year, not as much as we would have liked. Every time we would plan to go it would be cold or windy, super lame. 
Smash got strep really bad and then got it even worse again 2 weeks later. Saddest thing ever :( however the rare snuggles we got were pretty nice.

Morning Ipad sister bonding time. My kids are obsessed with all the Toca Boca games, they are pretty cute!

Sick Ashy in my favorite jammies! I remember Chloe wearing these when ash was just a baby. My kids are getting huge mmmmkay?

Using our busy bags, making some gorgeous jewelry! I believe this one was for Tina, lucky girl.

Finally feeling better and cute as ever!

Summer is Tiring........


But Henry came to visit!!! BEst day EVER!!!!

AND the girls got to help Papa mow the lawn. doesn't get much better does it?? 

Oh Henry we just love you to smithereens! 

We went boating and took this one picture! ;)

Scored this magna doodle at a garage sale, and Ashley plays with it at LEAST once every hour. 

 Henry even had a sleep over at OUR HOUSE!! the girls (including me) were ecstatic to wake up and find the cutest baby ever in our living room :)

hen wanted to play with his dinosaur we made him. 

Chloe is in love!

hittin up the spray park fountain down town. Chloe recently has been obsessed with barbies (she is keeping her barbie nice and warm, after chastising me for not making her barbie her OWN towel) 

Somebody refused to wear his swimsuit "I won't be getting wet" ha ha riiiiiiiiight. 

Pause for Henry kisses....

and back to the spray park! 

Love some bed  time stories! Regan always gets to snuggle and put Ash to bed. Lucky me am the only one allowed to put Chloe to bed and her 20 step nightime ritual. 


 And I think these were from June? back when I still had my day home kids. we walked over to the Church so the kids could ride their bikes in the parking lot. best idea ever! 

And Chloe and Natalie BFF's just making som cookies!! They are so cute together! They are downstairs playing "mommy daddy baby" which seems to be the favorite game these days!


kelsey said...

all those sleeping pictures are amazing. summer is tiring for sure. also, that picture of ashley on the boat just made my day. she's so freaking adorable.