Monday, April 29, 2013


 We have had some interesting weather this "spring" or so they call it. We made our first snowman of the year. It wasn't very big, but we loved him. Chloe named him "snowy" and played with him for an hour until he was back to a pile of mushy snow.

cute little princess in pigtails. 

Just try and take her ipad away, she will bite your head off!! 

This was probably my favorite thing ever. I was making dinner and gave ash a brownie, which she threw at me and yellled "NO I want cabbage!!!" ha ha so she ate half a cup of cabbage instead....weirdo. 

We had a few nice days that we took advantage of and walked round the block. the girls were fascinated by the sewer grate, and dropped a million rocks in there. 

Going through my phone pics I found 89 of these babies. ha ha Chloe is hilarious! 

Ashley got a really nasty flu right after Chloe got over it. She couldn't eat or drink anything without throwing it up, I literally had to sit right beside her all day cause she could NOT make it into the bucket.   It was gross, I hate puke, but its all worth it for the snuggles amirite?? 

another nice day out for a stroll. 

Chlo said my feet were gross so she rubbed lotion on them for a good half an hour, she's hired!! 

We had a picnic with some of our favorite peeps, I wish we could get together with these guys more. 

She has been obsessed with laundry baskets lately, Chloe pushes her up and down the hall and around the island, and then gets mad when Ashley can't push her back! ha ha 

Watchin some 'toons. 

Sometimes we kill time at Toys r us, they have so much fun, but it is a constant nagging "Can we buy this?" But I am an expert at saying no. 

If you lose Ash at the pool she is 100% of the a locker. I have to draaaaag her out of there. 

I was having some serious Tina withdrawals and decided over Easter break to just drive there by myself. I wasn't nervous about it at all, but maybe I should have been a little more prepared since I got lost a few times. ha ha who knew I had google maps right on my phone?! I do now!! Tina was the best host ever as always, she took us for Frozen yogurt for supper. Chloe was in HEAVEN!!! 

We brought some mermaid pajamas back with us and some adorable fedoras. 

Ash runs out of her room "I'M SUPERNAN!!!" tee hee love this girl.

Is anything better than babies sleeping?? There isn't. I totally sneak into my kids room and snuggle them for a while and breathe in the sweetness. Ashley is going to be 3 on Wednesday....ridiculous!!! 


Tina Wilde said...

I think taking someone to get froyo for supper actually counts as a BAD hostess, but I had fun...and that is all that counts! ha ha you getting lost 50 times did make for a good story though! COME BACK!