Thursday, April 18, 2013

Curling & Valentines

So I turned the big 2-9 at the end of last year. I wasn't really feeling much different until ON my birthday we were driving to Whitefish and i found my first GREY HAIR!!! I can tell you that it was most upsetting, and even worse was that I found about 5 more just hanging out thinking they owned the place....rude. But I did have a great Birthday we went to Les Miserable the movie and it was amazing! It would have been slightly better if I hadn't had a sinus infection, but it was still fantastic! 

Love this face quite a bit, and also this shirt she got from tina, I need one in my size please. 

Regan curled in the wrentham Bonspiel again this year and we made the trek out to watch, the girls had so much fun. Especially since this lady (who was a little drunk) was in love with the girls and kept buying them treats. 

This picture trips me out....tunnel vision!

There is also this ghetto Ice rink beside the curling rink so we took the girls skating. It took a long time for them to stand up without falling, but by the end Chloe was scooting around pretty good pushing her chair. She asks all the time to go again, but we never got around to it.There is always next year I guess. 

I got my skates at a garage sale for $2 and I seriously could NOT feel my feet for at least an hour after. They were both asleep after the first 10 min of skating, ouch. 

Game night for FHE, always ends in tears. Chloe is a sore loser....we are working on that. 

This little terd was sick and actually snuggled with me!! hooray!

Ha ha ha. 

Every time, and i mean EVERY TIME one of the kids bump their heads froggy is the only way to make it better. 

Just coloring at Grammas. Being cute. 

This picture might have been from Christmas I am not sure, but I SURE love this little man!!

Everyone trying out Tina's red lipstick. Tina, is the only one pulling it off. 

Selfies are the only way I am ever in a picture, sad but true. 

Chloe was trying to hold Ashley like a baby, she let her for about a minute and a half before she threw an elbow to her face. You really gotta watch out for those. 

Chloe painting my nails, she did such a good job I will prob never have to do my own ever again!! and I was in love with Ash in a ponytail!! ha ha too adorable. 

We go to story time at the library as often as we can, my girls just eat it up!! It helps that the girl doing it is amazing!! Ashley got up and did the actions all by herself last week, her first time!! She sings them constantly at home, but is pretty shy out in public so I was a proud mama :)

Maybe the cutest picture ever taken?

I finally relented and put Ash in a big girl bed. she LOVES it. I was so worried cause she is such a little stinker, but she did amazing and only got out once or twice. I even took off the guard rail after like a week. My only problem is how HUGE she looks in it :( stop growing please!!

Valentines was here. It was fun, we decorated and made crafts and cookies, the usual. 

Chloe chose these butterfly valentines to make for her class. 

We made these little heart men which she taped on every door in the house. She has started writing "notes" onto sticky notes and leaving them in random places all over the house. It is hilarious. WE have gone through like 5 pads already. 

My friend Taryn and her girls sent them the cutest Valentine package ever!! We miss them SO much since they moved up to nowhere'sville.  :(

Made the classic Valentines cookies. Sugar cookies are SO much work. who knew?? my mom always made them for every holiday, I don't think I will be upholding that tradition....

Chloe on her way to school for her Valentines party. I curl her hair any chance I get, but she hates it when I do so I have to bribe her. Oh the drama.


Tina Wilde said...

It's worth the effort and bribe to curl her hair....cause it's ADORABLE! And I had a million other things but the post was too long and I forget. Ashley and the magnifying glass...personal favorite. Oh and way to use and abuse the drunk lady .