Thursday, April 18, 2013

Easter 2012.

Whew starting to get caught up, Easter was not too far back :)

We dyed eggs, u know the usual. The kids loved it, and Ash didn't spill any dye this year so i would consider it a huge success!

Ash however did not grasp the concept and just kept smashing and peeling her eggs. 

Chloe's egg with her name on it. She is getting to be SUCH a good little writer. she writes all her letters and will sit there while I tell her how to spell whole pages of words. She will sit and do it forever, she can't WAIT until she can read and write as good as Lexie (her 8 yr old cousin)

More cute little braids. I love this shirt on Ash, I made it out of a womans tank top once upon a time. 

She is huge..

The Easter bunny made it to our house, loving the morning after braids hair. Chloe hoarded all her candy and I don't think she has even touched it (I might have gone in and thrown most of it away). But ash sat down and ate every single piece before all the eggs were even found. ha ha

We had colored eggs for breakfast!

The girls in their Easter dresses. 

Then we headed over to Nana's for Easter dinner, which was delicious!! I even made my first funeral potatoes! whoop whoop they were pretty good, not as good as Karen's or My moms...who makes them with frosted flakes! ha ha 

Then Karen took all the kids outside for a game that she had put together. There was a giant game board taped out on the driveway and they rolled a giant dice to do all kinds of activities. It was crazy you guys, she puts SO much work into the things she does, i love it! 

The kids had a blast of course!! 

Then there was an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard where they got WAY too much candy, but had a blast!

Cutest cousins ever!!! (and how cute is ashley in this picture?? I wanna squish her!!)

And another selfie to prove I was there too :)


Tina Wilde said...

I am going to squeeze ashley next time I see her so hard her eyes will pop out!