Thursday, April 18, 2013

special day

Chloe says some funny stuff....I have been trying to write some of them down when I remember, here are some as of late. 

 C :"Miss Jill has cracks." me :Huh?? C: "She has cracks by her eyes"

 Comes to me Sobbing "I just can't write letters and number the way
they are right" me: what do u mean!? " I can't write bath, or wall or
shower... And lexie CAN!" I can only write my name and Ashley's name
and a few things and lexie can write everything!! (Pure devastation)

Chloe arguing with Natalie: yes I am AM the oldest, cause I'm 4 and I
have super long legs!

C: When I am old as daddy I will be so tall. And when u get as tall as
the clouds u can see Heavenly Father and Santa

We just got gas and Chloe says "it smells like boat in here" haaa ha

Driving in the car we saw a house with about a hundred old junk cars.
Chloe says "they must be having a birthday party"

A couple months ago we started doing P90x. It is quite the workout!! These were Chloe and Ashley's "before" pictures....i will spare you seeing mine and Reegs, They aren't pretty! 

Landon convinced us we need to drink protein so we can bulk up. ha ha Ash loves protein shakes! 

There is a bus stop right in front of our house and the kids get excited every time they see a bus go by. They have asked us a million times to ride it, so one day we did. We rode it downtown to get a hot dog and then came home. They loved it! ha ha it was like a roller coaster ride! 

Ash with her monkey and her 'ippo' They were presents on the same trip and so are always together and one cannot be without the other! 

Every month Chloe gets to have her 'Special Day' She gets to bring snack and parents get to come visit. But since I always have extra kids I haven't been able to go until last month. 

It was so much fun to see her at school with all her friends, she is quite the little bossy pants. But I knew that she would be! Her teacher says if they don't know something they just ask Chloe, she knows everything that goes on! 

She was so excited to have us there, and Ashley was in heaven! But now she knows what she is missing and cries every time Chloe goes to school.  

Doing the calendar...she is huge!! 

She was dying to bring this blog book for her show and tell. It has all her baby pictures in it. Loved being able to see what she does all day while she is gone. while i DO miss her when she is gone, it is SO nice to have a break from the constant talking....because it never, ever ends. And why must she talk soooo LOUD!!??! ha ha We still love her but it's just a nice break ;)


Nate, Marie & Lilly said...

I can completely understand about the constant talking and the loudness. Lilly talks all the time and she is so loud. I can't wait till Carter can talk so she'll have someone else to talk to.

Tina Wilde said...

Yes, we all love her but it is quite loud...hahaha every one of these pictures is so adorable. I love my smart Chlo Butt...yes she is mine. Honestly I feel like she's my more thanks.

kelsey said...

I need to get tall asap, so I can see Heavenly Father and Santa too. I laughed so hard. Kids are FUNNY. I'm glad you wrote some things down, it will be fun to go back and read them to her when she's older.

Norah is loud too. Are you reading that book yet? i need to know what you think. lol.

Becky said...

Cute, cute girls! I myself have a talker - don't know where she gets it from. ;) Way to go with P90X - Wow!

mark lawrence said...

Good idea for a croissant! It actually looks like a crab. Even I can’t imagine that she didn’t even hesitate while saying ‘octopus cake’. Wow! it is a lovely post and I liked everything about it. My little one is also turning 3 this year and I have booked one of the outdoor Chicago event venues for her birthday celebration. She wants a pool party.