Thursday, April 18, 2013

whitefish 2012

Whitefish this year was a blast as always. We took our kids for their annual sledding experience. ha ha I always feel bad we don't take them more...I'm just not that into snow. 
The kids had a blast tho...when they weren't crying. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, Chloe can be slightly dramatic. And if she is cold....aint nobody happy!! 

Ash was content to be pulled around the top of the hill, which was fine by me cause neither of the kids could climb up the hill and had to be carried. good times.

Definitely a job for dad. 

Hello cute little family. 

I don't know why, but i have exactly 4 pictures from the entire week....I suck. 

But how cute is this of the kids watching something on the ipad?? They all had so much fun together, cousins really are the best! 

WE pretty much lived in the hot tub, that is like 10 steps from the condo. The adults would just take turns watching them for hours on end. 

I dont' even remember what else we did, I know there were multiple trips to target (of course). Lots of shopping, eating, and fun! We hung out in the Lodge while everyone else went skiing again. It was fun, minus the time I lost Ashley for a good 5 min. it was terrifying there were hundreds of people! The other day they went skiing I kept all the kids and we played in the snow for hours making snowmen and tag and sledding, it was a blast. We don't get to see those cute boys very often, they are so adorable!