Thursday, April 18, 2013

Christmas 2012

Yup, I'm doing it, Christmas post in April. Feel free to skip the next few posts as they are real old and none too exciting.  Except for making this gingerbread house, look at how excited she was!! 

They had so much fun making this, Ashley just ate all the candy. Chloe was bossing Ashley around telling her where to put the candy....good times. 

Loving the intensity Chlo.

They are pretty much professionals. 

Chloe's first Christmas program, which was just a huge gong show. They brought in the preschool kids right in the middle of the program and instead of putting them on the front row, they were squeezed into the middle of all the kids, with no mikes so we could barely see them and no one could  hear them at all! I am pretty sure Chloe was the only one singing as the song was pretty difficult to learn! Instead of just having them sing Jingle Bells or something they already knew, her teacher MADE UP a song about the Preschool, like the Christmas song..."C is for the blah blah..." Anyway it was really strange and none of the kids knew the song. We were all pretty dissapointed. Can you see her up there? about 4th from the left of one of her teachers. Oh well they still had fun right? 

We spent Christmas Eve at Holts and Santa paid us a visit bringing everyone Christmas jammies.
Cute cousins, I can't believe how big they are getting. STOP IT!!!

Then we had our white elephant gift exchange, which was fun. At the end of the game we added about 30 more presents and started another game with all the presents. It was a game we played at my moms house where you roll the dice and if you get a 6 or a 1, you get to steal a present. It is timed but you have no idea how much time is on the clock so you just go as fast as you can stealing presents. It was SO much fun!!! Me and Suzanne were battling over the ihome but in the end I was victorious!! ;)

I made everyone get together for a picture, pretty good looking group I would say!

Then we had Christmas morning at our house where the kids got spoiled rotten. 

Chloe got her water bottle! ha ha Everytime anyone asked what she wanted for Christmas she told them a water bottle...easiest Christmas ever! lol

Ash got a little people house and barn and they have loved playing with them ever since. 

I made them some mermaid tail costumes. I would have died to have one when I was little....and I still kinda want one! ha a

We surprised Reeg with a chair massager, he loved it!

We headed back to Holts for Christmas morning fondue, we can't miss it....its too delicious. 

 The girls got scooters from Nana and Papa, they are well loved!!

We gave them a book we made of the whole family. I took new pics of everyone and threw in some old ones as well. It was alot of fun to make, and I think they really liked it. 

We were at my parents house on Christmas day also to hang out with Tina and Hen...although i have no pictures of it....except this gem. These were our awesome jammies that Sam picked out, Regan took the picture and just assumed he got a good one?? ha ha I had a crazy sinus infection all through Christmas and was so stuffed up my face was killing me...luckily we caught it on camera! ha ha

more cousins...picture totally out of order.

Chlo mo got this vanity and is in  LOVE with it!! she was pretty sad that Santa didn't bring her one, good thing for Gramma!

Pretty excited about her new sheets, I was just happy to get rid of  those hideous Princess sheets. 

Ash got this guitar and it is by far the most fought over toy in my whole house. Also the loudest....but ash is insanely cute when she plays it so I'll allow it :)

We did take jammie pics but I don't know where they are, so here is a real blurry one of the kids in their matching jammies, they have bears and a BUM FLAP!! adorable!

Cute girls in their new Christmas duds from Gramma. 

Oh and Chloe asked for a wedding dress for her doll (angela) so I made her one to match. ha ha the veil needs some serious help but they LOVE playing wedding in it. I can hear them all day "ok your turn go to the temple and get married" ha ha 


Tyler and Kristin Smith said...

Ok, you must have JUST posted this.
I'm dying laughing at the picture of you, your mom and Tina.
It's SO funny.
You're looking beautiful my dear!
(I love that blue/red striped shirt in the first picture!)
Thanks for posting about Christmas in April. It made my day.