Monday, April 15, 2013

Ballet X2

 Chloe has been in Ballet since September and before Christmas we got to go see her "perform" again and see what they have been learning. But since she is in a 3-4 yr old class, she is learning the exact same dances as she did last year. While she had really improved and is still as adorable as ever, I was feeling bad for her, she seems a little bored, which is totally understandable. But she loved having us come watch, she loves to be the center of attention :)

She does a mean First position! 

She made sure her doll "Angela" was there watching, wearing her ballet outfit too! 

How cute are they??? I love watching her have so much fun learning something new, but I think we will try out gymnastics next year. 

All the pictures are pretty serious, but I promise she does love it! I had 3 little kids sitting with me while I was trading back and forth between taking pictures and videoing! I probably looked like the crazy mom...

So that was the first half of ballet for the year, They are doing a big performance this year with all the ballet students at the University. It is turning out to be a BIG deal! I volunteered to be the costume mom and did some sewing on 20 of the ugliest little ballet costumes I've ever seen. ha ha The kids look cute in them of course, but man they are terrible.  They are doing the performance at the beginning of May so more pictures of that to come! I tried to load some video's but they just wouldn't work, and I can't remember what I did before to make them work. Too bad cause they are so adorable!!!