Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bubbles and planes

I tried to sneak into the bathroom one day to get a picture of the girls in the tub. I could hear Chloe singing to Ash while she was washing her hair. how adorable is that?? 

I was soon discovered tho...and chloe gave me her picture face. I can never get a picture of her doing anything without her cheesy grin....good thing its cute! Ashley is the complete opposite. 

Brace yourself, there is a very adorable face coming up...

This kid is constantly making me laugh, her sweet little voice makes me melt, even when she is saying words she knows she isn't supposed to say. She has a list she goes through of ones we have laughed at or made her say for other people. It usually goes, "deeewicious" "oh shite" "oh crap" "spank my bum" "dangit". It just sounds too stinking adorable to get mad at her. 

The kid loves airplanes. Along with trains, cars buses or anything that moves really. She is quite the little tom boy. She found this plane in with our cars (no idea where it came from) and played with it for weeks. Took it with her everywhere and HAD to sleep with it. but it was so small I could never find it at bedtime. cue meltdown. But lucky for me I found this adorable wooden airplane on swap n buy for $5!! and she loved it!!! sleeps with it also, its pretty adorable. 

Do you love her braids?? ya me too :)

This reminds me so much of my brother Landon, I remember him always sleeping with his toys, hockey sticks, guns, you name it. She has the sweetest little personality even if she torments her big sister every second of the day. I crave her. 


Kristen Ruiz said...

GAH!! I want to hear little Ashley's voice, man she's cute!! And I absolutely love those undercover tub pictures, they're so precious.

Tina Wilde said...

BATH PICTURES!!! Why have I never seen them?!?! Ash could say the F word and it would be cute.