Wednesday, March 23, 2011

piggies and ponies.

Houstan...we have hair! yup it's official my baby has a ponytail!! how exciting, and ridiculously cute is that??? I have been putting it off for a while cause she HATES to have her hair touched or combed, her face wiped, her boogers cleaned, or any pestering of any kind. But i finally bucked down, held her head in between my legs (don't call social services) and managed to pull that tiny elastic around that tiny chunk of hair and into the most adorable pony ever! and at 10 months to boot!! I think CHloe was 2?? ok maybe not but it seems that way.

My serious kids. They get that from their dad. When they scowl....they are shooting daggers so you better watch out! Ashley especially has been so serious lately, like she is studying everything, concentrating so hard on everything she is doing. While Chloe is the same, she is so serious when she is playing with her dolls, so concerned with their sleeping habits! But she goes from happy to serious very quickly it is very funny to watch. But with ASh you really have to work hard to get the smiles and giggles from this girl....but it is sooooo worth it!
Those chompers will blow you away!!

And look how tall this girl is?? what gives? I am not ready for this. My friends were telling me the other day she can go to preschool this year....what?? good thing she misses the cut-off by 20 days so I don't have to deal with that yet! She is in no way old enough for school....and more importantly I am not old enough to have a kid in school! but she DOES have hair....sort of. Its getting there, Its really curly and fun, I just wish it would GROW already....pure torture for me.

Chloe is really into books these days. She really loves the bearenstein bears book that has like 5 stories in 1, the doctor one is her favorite. Then she had to go to the doctor last week when she woke up telling me her ears hurt. She was been talking about it constantly to anyone who will listen. And her favorite topic of conversation is all of her owies that she has or has ever had. The books she also loves, "the bike lesson" "the best nest" all her princess and fairy books and her alphabet book with all the touchy feelies in it. we have to read a million stories and sing "twinkle twinkle" every night before bed.

I love to hear her talk, she chatters non-stop and most of the time I know exactly what she is saying. It is sure handy and annoying at the same time! ha ha she is just so LOUD sometimes! but oh so funny, she makes me laugh all day long. Like the other day i was feeding ashley in her high chair and Chloe had brought her potty stool over to the chair to "help" feed Ash. I asked her "How come you are so big?" (to which she usually replies "I two mom") But she just looked at me like I was ridiculous and said "I on stool" ha ha oh right my bad!

She knows most of her colors, and can count to 10....sort a roundabout way. She loves hide and go seek, and counts "3 2 1...I find you!!" She loves playdough and coloring with MARKERS not crayons, and painting. I brought home a castle that I got when I worked in the Kindergarten that they were getting rid of and she plays with it all. the. time. It's so cute, she sings the princess songs and puts the tiny Cinderella to bed. (in the dungeon)
Ok that was alot longer than I was planning, but whatcha gonna do.

Ashley is going to be one. I can't believe it. in a month and a bit. I know i am biased but I just think she is so gorgeous and I love her to death. I wish she would learn to crawl tho. She is still refusing to get on her knees. And she isn't really into walking. Her legs have always been a little weak, so I think we are dealing with a scooter for a while. She gets around....just slowly. she did fall down the stairs the other day, so I guess she is faster than i thought. oops! we have the baby gate up now, so its all good.

I love both my girls....we are so lucky!


Anonymous said...

Love Ashley's lil ponytail so, cute and Chloe's curls are darling!

Emily said...

Darling pictures, like always!
We need another play date! Hattie and Chloe can play with Hattie's million girls toys, and Peter and Ashley can, well, cling to us and maybe play a bit. And we can VISIT! Yaaa!

broberts said...

your girls ARE adorable!! i love when you tell stories about your girls' hair...makes me giggle:) at least chloe doesn't have enough hair to cut off by herself like kaedance did!!! her curls make up for the slow growth...they are so precious! and that little boy in ashley's die for! oh....i just love little girls!! good thing, eh?!

Tina Wilde said...

I love Ash's little scoot. I wish I could just move everywhere like that. And also I love Chlo's hair because it is the cutest curliest ever and goes perfectly with her ginormous lips.

Arrington's said...

I feel your pain with the hair situation. I've kept Lakens in a bob for quite some while but I'm ready for some length and it's Not growing! Good thing our girls are cute enough to pull off bald heads:)

nichole said...

I was admiring Ashley's cute hair do and bow today in church!