Monday, March 7, 2011


Check out the CHOMPERS on this kid!! looks like she took a bottle juuuuust in time. she just popped one more through on the top today, so 5 big teethers for my 10 month old baby! yikes, she is going to be ONE in 2 ridiculously fast months!!

Chloe was SO excited to get to go to her very first birthday party last week. Her friend Kylie was turning 4, and was having a Pinkilicious party, which was right up Chloe's alley.
They had so much fun making crowns, playing cupcake-cupcake-yum (duck duck goose) and musical wands. she was even trying to play the cupcake game the next day at my moms house, though nobody knew what she was trying to say.
It was so much fun, and alot of work for my friend Nicolle. I am not sure I am ready to do friends birthday parties yet....maybe when chloe turns 4??

We got to babysit Boss and Baker a week or two ago and of course Chloe was ecstatic.....Boss is her favorite!! It was so fun cause my mom had just got home off of her cruise the day before so she came over to play.
They had so much fun on this little scooter/car thing. Boss loved it he could even move it by turning the handle, chloe just pushes it with her feet. But he hated her strider bike for some reason....probably cause it was pink :)

Chloe LOVES to feed Ash her bottle, but usually gives up about halfway through. I don't know why ashley refuses to hold the bottle herself, but she sure makes a mess! and can i just say how much i LOVE not nursing anymore?? I mean nursing is great, its good for them, i like the bonding, and its free and convenient blah blah blah.... but maaaaaan it sure feels great to have my body back to myself! it's been a LONG time coming with 2 pregnancies and nursing with no break in between. I just hope i don't get knocked up again any time soon. ha ha

I was downstairs putting some laundry away the other day, and it was reeeally quiet so i was expecting some trouble. But to my surprise I came upstairs looking around for my chillins, and couldn't find them anywhere. Then I heard some giggling coming from the corner of the living room behind the couch and found this....

My two sweethearts just playing SO nicely together snuggled into the corner. This NEVER happens!! there is rarely 5 minutes that go by during the day where Chloe hasn't pounced on Ash knocking her to the floor, which is really frustrating because Ash hasn't quite figured out how to sit herself back up yet.....she is working on it.

And i even got some videos on here today....look at me go!
This first one is just my smash being her cute self. she is just the smilies happiest baby ever. i couldn't love her more if i tried. She waved once a week or two ago and i can't for the life of me get her to do it again, she just likes to play with my hand while i show her how it goes. And i LOVE the reaching....its adorable. she is reaching with everything she's got how can you not want to pick her up?? and her laugh she is doing lately?? hilarious....she is just sucking in making this weird noise and raising her eyebrows. where did i find this kid??

This is Chloe's obsession. we try not to let her play on the ipad ALL the time. at least during the day it is at work with Regan which is nice. but she asks for it as SOON as Regan walks in the door. I can't blame her really it is pretty fun to play on!! You also get to feast your eyes on Ashley scootin in this one. yes yes she is 10 months old and doesn't crawl....whats it to ya? ha ha I was a little worried and then i realized i LOVE that she doesn't crawl, makes her the easiest kid ever!.....minus the fact she can't sit herself up. so I am sitting her up every 5 minutes after she gets pummeled by her sister, but it's ok she is a scooter. And she is getting a little faster each day, and she is gonna walk soon anyways so who needs to crawl??


Tina Wilde said...

Man Jen, you are on a roll! Those pictures of them in the corner are making me really want to see them!! Good thing I don't have to wait too long. And my favorite picture is Boss and Chlo riding that bike thing. Chlo is having SO MUCH FUN! hahaha, aaah, love her.

karlielsa said...

The party did look like a lot of work. A lot of work that I am not willing to do. Maybe when Ava's 6 or 10 but then there is Jaxen too...Ugg, I am a bad mom. We will see what time brings. You kids are adorable and so sweet. Loved all the pics. Cute little family you have!

PamH said...

Hmm, good to know Boss didn't like the strider! I was wondering about that...except he's getting one for his 3rd birthday, so he has about eight months to learn to like one! :O) Thanks again for watching the kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

Jennie, your kids are just so stinkin cute! Growing so fast too.

Kimberly Lynn said...

I love those last pictures of them playing together. So cute!